#581 – The Girl Who Waited



Last week I wrote about the boy who lived and the girl who waited. Coincidentally, this weekend I watched the episode of Doctor Who called “The Girl Who Waited”.

Spoilers, but in “The Girl Who Waited” Amy gets trapped in a faster time stream. While only a few minutes pass for Rory and the Doctor, decades pass for Amy. The years of fending for herself and fighting off robots have left her hardened and cold.

I really enjoyed this episode because of how it developed Amy and Rory’s relationship. I always believed that Rory loved Amy. Amy is strong, funny and pretty; of course Rory would love her. But Rory is goofy, silly and not as attractive; I didn’t really believe that that Amy would love Rory.

But in “The Girl Who Waited” I finally believed that Amy loved Rory as much as he loved her.

Just like I doubted Amy’s love for Rory, I often doubt God’s love for me.

God is awesome and I am not.

God is faithful and I am not.

God is worthy of praise and I am not.

When thinking about God I feel like Happy Gilmore standing in front of Chubbs Peterson, telling him how great he is and admitting how worthless I am.

And even though we may feel worthless and unlovable, that’s not how God sees us.

God sees us as his precious children full of intrinsic value. He created us, he loves us and he proved that love by sending his son to the cross for us. We may feel like Rory but in God’s eyes we’re all the Doctor: amazing, creative and cool (bow ties are cool).

God loves us and accepts us just as we are. That love should inspire us to grow and be more and more like him. But thinking about how much we need to grow shouldn’t keep us from accepting the foundational truth that we are the apple of God’s eye and precious in his sight. God doesn’t want us to focus on growing and changing before we learn how to simply sit in his arms like a child weaned.

Amy loved Rory and God loves us. Just as Amy loving Rory seems a little unbelievable, it’s a little unbelievable that the God of the universe loves us. As unbelievable as it is, though, we need to plant that truth deep within our hearts and souls.

What helps you remember that God loves you?


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