#576 – Nerdy Homes

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Alycia and I have been married for a little over two and a half years. Even though we’ve only lived in apartments, over that time we have been building our home together. For us that has meant learning each other’s rhythms of rest and activity, figuring out how to best share a meal together and watching a lot of Netflix.

Building our home together has been one of the best parts about being married. God tells Adam that he will leave the home of his father in order to be with his wife. When I was younger I thought that leaving the rent-free comfort of my parents’ home would be a tragic experience. While I miss a fridge full of groceries I didn’t purchase, I have to say God knew what he was doing. Leaving my parents’ home to build a home of my own with Alycia is one of the truest blessings my life has never known.

Our home together could be even more blessed, though, with some of these nerdy additions.

R2-D2 Trash Can


While I don’t speak droid, it seems to me that R2-D2 had a bit of a potty mouth. He always seemed to be muttering something under his nonexistent breath, cursing Threepio or just his situation in general. Due to his dirty mouth, an Artoo trashcan seems rather fitting. This trashcan is almost two feet tall so I don’t think it would work for the kitchen but it would be perfect for an office or a bathroom. Unfortunately you’d be throwing away a lot of money for this trashcan as it can apparently only be imported from Japan. It also might cause problems for a small child who, hoping to find a lightsaber, reaches his hand into the trashcan only to find something else. If you’re interested in purchasing your very own R2-D2 trashcan please click here.

Enterprise Pizza Cutter


I’ve been doing student ministry for almost 14 years. In that time I cannot tell you how much pizza I’ve eaten. Pizza is like manna to junior high and high school students except they never get tired of it. Students will be happy with great pizza, like the time I ordered freeze-dried pizza from Giordano’s in Chicago for a Bears playoff game and shared it with some kids. Students will also be happy with terrible pizza, like a Hot-N-Ready from Little Caesar’s. What better way to show my students that I’m a youth pastor willing to boldly go where no one has gone before than with a pizza cutter shaped like the Enterprise? Unfortunately it’s shaped like Kirk’s Enterprise and not the Enterprise-D. Picard’s ship, though, had more of an oval-shaped saucer section and that would make for poor pizza preparation. And I don’t need a bunch of teenagers thinking I’m bad at cutting their frozen pizza. If you want to cut your pizza with a 23rd century flair please click here.

TARDIS Refrigerator


This is the pièce de résistance and the inspiration for this post. A friend shared this on Facebook yesterday and my mouth dropped open, my eyes bulged and I yelled “Allons-y” and “Geronimo”. At this point Alycia and I live in an apartment that supplies our refrigerator. However, as soon as we have our own house and our own refrigerator I know what I want to do to it. I can’t imagine how excited I’d be to get some ice or find some leftovers. I imagine our electric bill would skyrocket because I would just keep opening and closing the door. I asked Alycia if we could get a TARDIS refrigerator and she didn’t explicitly say “No”, which I’m definitely taking as a maybe. If you’re interested in making your refrigerator the most awesome refrigerator ever please click here.

The walls, appliances and flooring don’t make a home. People, choosing to place the needs of others above their own in order to create a safe place of love and acceptance, make a home. I pray that Alycia’s and my home will be such a place, where friends, family and children feel at home.

I know I’d feel more at home, though, if I was pulling a cold Coke Zero out of a TARDIS fridge.

What other nerdy household items have you seen around the Internet?


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