#571 – The Pursuit of Happiness



The Borg can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the best villains in the Star Trek Universe. The Borg are just as great as Khan and the Klingons and way better than anything else the Delta quadrant threw at Voyager.

I was always scared of the Borg when I was younger. Their cold, lifeless, robotic bodies freaked me out and the thought of being assimilated gave me goose bumps. The Borg thought they were making the universe a better place by eliminating freewill and bringing everyone into their collective. They wanted to make the universe as gray and bland as their skin.

Unfortunately, some people view God the same way.

Some people view God as a killjoy, just sitting in heaven trying to keep us from having any fun. People think that all of Bible’s rules just keep us from getting the most out of life. People think that, like the Borg, God just wants our lives to be boring shades of gray, full of monotonous obedience and boring righteousness.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

God didn’t create us to live a boring, gray existence. If God wanted our lives to be nothing but monotonous obedience, why did he create such a wonderful world for us to live in?

If God wanted our lives to be boring, why did he give us the ability to run and jump and dance?

If God wanted our lives to be boring, why did he give us souls that respond to moving stories and narratives?

If God wanted our lives to be boring, why did he create music to fill our ears and touch our hearts?

God doesn’t want our lives to be boring. God wants us to enjoy our lives. God wants us to be happy. But God wants us to find that enjoyment and happiness through him.

Happiness isn’t bad in and of itself. But when we pursue happiness above all else we get ourselves into trouble. Chasing one high after another is far more dangerous than a Borg cube hovering over Sector 001. However, if we can set our hearts on pursuing God instead of happiness, we’ll find happiness and so much more.

God is the giver of every good and perfect gift, including happiness and joy. God wants our lives to be full of color and joy, not just the cold, drab grays of a Borg cube. He created us to find our joy, happiness and fulfillment in him because the joy, happiness and fulfillment he has to offer are limitless.

God is so good and he wants to share his goodness with us.

Resistance is futile.

How have you seen pursuing God bring you happiness and joy?


2 comments on “#571 – The Pursuit of Happiness”

  1. God is good. He gave us the imagination to envision worlds and galaxies and alien cultures and technologies and we use it to pit good against evil with our desire for good to triumph. It doesn’t make our hearts feel good when evil steals victory over our heroes and it lifts our hearts when the hero returns to sacrifice all to cast down the villain in the end. The human race is saved and life goes on to get better. Our imagination comes from God… it is God’s desire that we envision heaven as an infinite exploration of the wonder and glory that is God. The sights and wonders of this world and the universe beyond are only a sample of what God has in store for us. We will boldly go where no person, but God, has gone before.

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