#570 – Hiking


I enjoy spending time with God. For me that mostly means reading God’s word, going through liturgical prayers and spending time in silence. For Alycia, though, that means spending time with God in nature. She likes reading the Bible and praying but she really gets a lot out of nature. So yesterday we went on a hike together.

Here are some nerdy environments through which I would like to take a hike.

Forest Moon of Endor


I would love to hang out with the Ewoks. I love my dog so much because she looks like an Ewok. I don’t mind the forest but would rather spend time at the beach. Unfortunately, though, the beach isn’t that great for hiking. A hike through the Ewok’s home would offer plenty of excitement. Not only would it conclude with a party at the Ewok village but it might also coincide with a violent battle between the Empire and the Rebels. I don’t think I’d stand a chance against a Stormtrooper but I’m glad those thee-foot teddy bears can take on the Empire’s most highly trained soldiers.

The Shire

The Shire

Why do all the shortest people live in all the best places to hike? Ewoks have their forest and the Hobbits have the Shire. The scenes in the Shire are some of the most beautiful in the LOTR series and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I would love to take one of those trips to New Zealand and visit all of the LOTR locations. The highlight would definitely be visiting the Shire and seeing the hill that Peter Jackson transformed into Hobbiton. Hiking is great exercise so hopefully I’d have a chance to earn back the calories by eating and drinking with some jolly Hobbits. And if it comes in pints, I’m getting one.

The Savage Land


Taking a hike through the Savage Land would be a lot like taking a hike through Jurassic Park. However, taking a hike in the Savage Land would give me the small chance of meeting the X-Men. I’d also have a really big chance of getting eaten alive by one of the Savage Land’s many dinosaurs or captured and killed by the lizard people, Saurians. Not only would it be a nice place for a hike, but I could also try to get some dinosaur DNA and start my own Jurassic Park. I could also ask the dinosaurs what happened to their ancestors and why they didn’t make it onto the ark.

We should spend time with God any way we can, whether that means cracking open the Bible or strapping on our hiking boots. And even if those hiking boots find their way into some Ewok poop, it could be a great time to meet with our creator.

Through what nerdy environment would you like to hike?


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