#565 – Good Friday



We’re nearing the end of Holy Week. Today is Good Friday, the day Christians reflect on Jesus’s sacrifice upon the cross. It’s both a day of solemn reflection and tempered hope. We know that the cross gives way to the empty tomb but we can’t be in too much of a rush to get to Easter. Good Friday gives us an opportunity to reflect upon the depth of our sin and an even deeper love that led Jesus to the cross.

We cannot fully appreciate Easter unless we experience the sorrow of Good Friday.

In that way Good Friday is The Empire Strikes Back of holidays. Both are a little depressing and both leave you wondering if things are going to turn out all right.

Check out a chart I previously posted comparing the two.

Good Friday


The Empire Strikes Back

Jesus Christ √

Betrayed Hero

Han Solo

Judas Iscariot


Lando Calrissian √

Simon Peter


Chewbacca √

Pontius Pilate

Lead Bad Guy

Darth Vader √


Other Bad Guy

Boba Fett √

Cat of Nine Tails √

Torture Method

Electrocution Thingy

Cross √

Suspended From/In




Cloud City √


Mode of Transportation

Millennium Falcon √

“Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” √

Hero’s Final Words

“I know”

Garden Tomb

Burial Place

Jabba’s Palace √

Easter Sunday √


Return of the Jedi

Salvation √


Top 5 Movie Ever

Both Good Friday and The Empire Strikes Back leave us a little sad but mostly hopeful. Just like we know the Jedi will return, we know that Sunday is coming and death will not hold Jesus back.

Today is a great day to reflect not only on our sin and brokenness but also the grace and mercy that wash them away. Take some time at the cross before moving onto the empty tomb.


8 comments on “#565 – Good Friday”

  1. A few other parallels:

    * You have Hahn descend into the carbonate machine. Jesus descended to the Dead.
    * The first person Jesus meets after His Resurrection is a woman, the first person Hahn meets after his “resurrection” is also a woman.
    * Jesus rises again on the third day. Hahn rises again in the third movie.

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