#555 – Nerdy Friends

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Earlier this week I wrote about my non-nerdy friends and how we manage to be best friends because of our common foundation: Jesus. Jesus is the best foundation for any relationship but nerdiness can help strengthen that foundation.

I’m amazed at the community and friendships that have developed here at TheChristianNerd. There are so many readers I’ve gotten to know via their comments, Facebook and Twitter. And, on the rare occasion, I’ve gotten to meet some readers in real life. Last Christmas I met my Namibian friend, Wilko, and this past Wednesday I had the opportunity to meet Spacekicker.

Spacekicker checked out TheChristianNerd early on and, since then, we have built a friendship through Twitter and Instagram. He’s a nerd of the highest order and also very much in love with Jesus. We’ve wanted to meet in real life for quite some time and it finally worked out this week.

Spacekicker and I share a common foundation in Jesus. Even after spending just a few minutes together, I could tell that his faith was as real to him as mine is to me. Not that I have some great faith, but there’s a difference between people who say they love Jesus and people who allow that love to influence every aspect of their lives. Spacekicker is the latter and I could clearly see that in how he spoke about his faith.

Even though we both love Jesus very much, we didn’t spend a lot of our time talking about Jesus. When we know we share the common foundation of Jesus with others it’s easy to acknowledge that and then move on to something else. For Spacekicker and me that meant talking about Star Wars, comics, Star Trek, Dungeons and Dragons, The Dark Tower, Game of Thrones and so much more. It was great to immediately connect with someone because of our common interests, the most important of which is Jesus.

I love my non-nerdy friends. It’s great talking with them about sports, ministry and marriage.

Finding nerdy friends, though, is also very rewarding. It’s comforting to know that there are other people out there who get excited about Joss Whedon, the future of Star Trek on television and arguing that David Tenant is better than Matt Smith.

And when all that nerdy awesomeness gets built on top of Jesus, what could be better?

What are your favorite topics with your nerdy friends?


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