#547 – The Walking Dead



I should watch The Walking Dead.

It’s popular.

It’s nerdy.

It’s good.

All of my students watch it.

In spite of all those reasons, though, I don’t watch The Walking Dead. Actually, more appropriately, I can’t watch The Walking Dead.

I don’t mean can’t as in I don’t have cable so I can’t watch the series. It’s on Netflix and I’m sure I have no shortage of friends or students with cable who would be willing to show me new episodes. I mean I can’t watch it because it will give me nightmares and keep me up at night, not just on Sundays but every other day of the week as well.

I hate zombies. They scare me, like literally scare me. I know they don’t exist but the rational centers of my brain are overcome with fear when it comes to zombies. I watched the trailer for World War Z and I woke up in the middle of the night because of zombie nightmares.

I know the Bible says that we shouldn’t be afraid, but even the Bible has zombies.

I don’t really live my life with much fear. I trust that God will provide for me and that he has my best interests at heart.

When we were forced to take a pay cut at church, I wasn’t afraid.

When I took students on a mission trip to Honduras, I wasn’t afraid.

When Alycia and I talk about our future and having kids, I’m not afraid.

But any time I see a zombie, think about a zombie or hear someone talking about The Walking Dead, fear overtakes my body. I get paralyzed with fear, like a corpse waiting to come back to life. I know God can calm and allay my fears, but why invite those fears into my life?

If something frightens us or makes us doubt God, we shouldn’t invite it into our lives. Sure, God can calm our fears and cure our doubts, but why start down that road in the first place? God also provides a way out from the temptations we face, but that doesn’t mean we should look for ways to be tempted.

I know it’s silly and completely irrational, but I am scared of zombies. I won’t ever watch The Walking Dead. The only zombie I need in my life is a Jewish carpenter, who came back to life and ascended into heaven.

What are your thoughts about The Walking Dead?


10 comments on “#547 – The Walking Dead”

  1. I wonder if zombie stories help us worship the Creator, or if they might mock Him. After all, it’s His image we’re screwing around with when we draw half-decomposed humans reduced to a sub-animal state.

    1. That’s an interesting thought. I suppose one could argue that zombies are a metaphor for the death and decay wrought on humanity by sin.

      The zombie genre could also feed into Gnostic beliefs that our bodies don’t matter and we’re just waiting to become disembodied spirits. I’m excited for my resurrected body, which hopefully looks nothing like a zombie.

  2. That after three seasons its about to hold the title of my favorite all time favorite series. And after the latest episode, that episode might be the best episode I have ever seen in a tv show ever.

  3. I saw the first season, enjoyed it well enough that I picked up the comics, but could only read a few dozen issues before deciding, long-term, this story isn’t for me. I don’t know that zombie stories mock the Creator of necessity, as Mickey wonders above (though it’s a point worth considering); but I do think you are wise to know your limits. If it scares you, so be it! And be done with it!

    I’ve also come to think that just because the youth are watching something doesn’t *always* mean youth leaders have to watch it, too. Maybe read up on it so you have some facts straight, but the more important issue is “Why do they like this show?” And ask them directly. And then raise questions like Mickey does in his comment above. You can do all that without actually watching it – and, no, it doesn’t make you a hypocrite (you didn’t raise this concern, but I could anticipate youth raising it!) because you’re not condemning the show, just talking honestly about your apprehensions around it and also using it as an entry point to think theologically with your youth.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Mike.

      With our students I try to at least stay up on the things in which they’re interested. I don’t have to fully engage, but at least have a broad understanding of what they’re reading, watching and listening to. That led me to read “Twilight” which may have been worse than watching “The Walking Dead”. 🙂

  4. I’m glad to hear there is someone who shares my sentiments about Zombies. They are the only thing that gives me bad dreams. I recently braved watching the show, but that only after years of preparing myself to be detached. The pilot is like a horror movie and the rest of the show is more of a drama. It has it horror movie moments but after 4 seasons, it’s more of a post Apocalyptic character based serial. I have to mentally and emotionally warm up for the show so that I don’t get scared, but I’m so exhausted at the end and I definitely need a palate cleanser. It is by far one of the best serial dramas I’ve ever seen and it is impossible not to fall in love.
    I understand why you aren’t going to watch it! After watching the 2 hr pilot I was jumping and squealing at every little sound. I even began to cry at the thought that there was a Zombie in our sons room! As my husband saw my irrational tears fall down my tired cheeks, he replied, “Its okay, Honey. I’ll protect you.” I looked at him and said, with the seriousness of the dead, “No you won’t…you don’t even believe in Zombies.” We both burst into hysterical laughter and I slept very well that night.
    Zombie’s still scare me. Really scare me! I told my husband the same thing about the Bible mentioning the dead being raised as an argument for their plausible existance. Out of all the plausible supernatural enemies of man, they are the only one God has not mentioned a defense against! Ghosts, or demons, witches, whatever a persons beliefs can be sent on or cast out in Jesus’ name. But no mentions of how to defend against Zombies! 😉 *shivers*

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