#546 – My Nerdy Wife


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about some nerdy wives that could have made me happy in an alternate universe. After publishing that post, I was worried that Alycia might think I would have rather married Jean Grey or Elizabeth Swann. Thankfully fictitious characters do not threaten her and she didn’t overreact.

That is one of the many reasons why I love her.

Yesterday was Alycia’s birthday and my friend Andrew (worth following for resources on productivity) said that I should dedicate a blog post to my wife. I already got her a birthday present but another present, in the form of a post, can’t hurt.

I love Alycia because she is very much a nerd and puts up with my nerdiness. Here are some of the nerdy things I love about Alycia.

  • She is as obsessed with LOTR and The Hobbit as I am with The Avengers.

LOTR Movie Poser

  • She has her own extensive collection of video games.
  • She liked Star Trek and will sit through episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation with me.


  • She spends more time playing games on her phone than I do.
  • She’s more than willing to let me have time to quietly sit and read comics.
  • She wanted to watch the X-Men movies after I told her they had always been my favorite comic characters.
  • She spent more hours playing Oblivion than I did.


  • She has spent more hours playing Skyrim than I have.
  • She put Star Wars Lego key chains in my Easter basket last year.
  • She plays Halo and Call of Duty with me on Xbox Live.
  • She didn’t tell me that Dobby dies.


  • She has a great sense of humor and watches 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, The Office and Arrested Development.
  • Baseball is the nerdiest of sports, with all of its statistics, and she has fully embraced my love for the Chicago Cubs.
  • She saw The Hobbit more times than I did.

More than her nerdiness, I love Alycia’s heart for God. She wants to serve him as faithfully as she can, pursuing him in her own life and directing others to him. She is the best think that has every happened to me and I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life, in ministry and in nerdiness.

What do you appreciate about your nerdy spouse, significant other or friend?


5 comments on “#546 – My Nerdy Wife”

  1. She sounds like great woman! Happy Birthday, Fellow Christian Nerd Wife! 😉 I love that my spouse lets me be myself. He wants me to go to Comic Con, he bought me my first comics, he likes it when I nerd out about shows and movies. I love him bc he loves me for me!

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