#545 – Lent Update


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We’re over two weeks into Lent and I was wondering how everyone is doing. Does giving something up for Lent have the same success rate as New Year’s resolutions?

Does everyone who gave up social media for Lent take two weeks off and then just blow up Instagram with all the pictures they’ve been saving?

Do people who’ve given up Starbucks for Lent take two weeks off and then get an IV with Pike’s Place hooked up to their bodies?

Do people who’ve given up television for Lent take two weeks off and then call in sick and watch everything stored on their DVRs? (If you give up TV for Lent is saving everything on your DVR and watching all your shows after Easter cheating?)

I don’t know how everybody else is doing with their Lenten commitments but, by God’s grace, I’ve been doing pretty well with mine. I gave up sleeping in because I wanted to have more time in the morning’s to spend with God. While I haven’t batted 1.000 in my efforts, I have been able to get more and better quality time with God. It takes effort to start my day with God, but it always gets me off on the right foot and I never regret it.

One of my favorite parts about this Lent season has been keeping up with my friends and their commitments. I have one friend who gave up social media entirely and it’s a blessing to me to hear how God is blessing him.

I have another friend, Jon, who gave up watching videos through YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. Not only has he given up watching videos, but also he’s decided to use that extra time to film his own videos, chronicling his Lenten experience. You can check out his videos below.

I’ve been surprised by how communal my Lenten experience has been. I knew that it would benefit me personally, but I didn’t realize how much it would connect me to others. There are still four weeks left for Lent, more than enough time to get back on the horse or find a horse of your very own.

Unless you gave up equestrian activities for Lent.

How is your Lenten experience going? What are you learning?


4 comments on “#545 – Lent Update”

  1. I’ve been experiencing a closeness with God as I pursue looking at crafting a more disciplined lifestyle for Lent. I decided not to give something up but instead to add to my life as I walk with Christ.

  2. I gave up coffee for Lent. My morning cup, and my hanging out at Starbucks. I thought it’d be harder, but I don’t even think about it anymore. I have to remember on Sundays that I can have a cup. 🙂

  3. Gave up watching Laker games and playing solitaire (yeah I am getting old!). Doing well with both even though Lakers are beginning to win – maybe I’ll keep doing this for their sake! Growing incredibly closer to God, though it doesn’t mean it’s all fun and games. Have greater inner strength to face my demons (as well as other people’s) and learning to depend more fully on the Spirit in times of weakness. Love Jon’s vlogs – though I might be biased (just a little). Good thing he only gives you head shots. I see his floor every day! God, I sound like a parent!

    1. IT BURNS IT BURNS! giving up my phone that is. But i am able to replace tht void with God so i will continue to be ok.

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