#530 – The Deathly Hallows: Chapters 25-30



Much like all of the other Harry Potter books, The Deathly Hallows has really picked up towards the end. I didn’t know if there were enough pages left to resolve horcuxes and hallows but it seems like we are racing towards a satisfying conclusion. I really enjoyed the break-in at Gringott’s and can’t wait to see what happens as the final battle takes place at Hogwarts.

Below are some thoughts from chapters 25-30 of The Deathly Hallows.

Impersonating Bellatrix

I would love to impersonate someone like Bellatrix. When Hermione was impersonating Bellatrix Lestrange Harry scolded her for being too kind and polite. I’ve never once had anyone tell me that I was being too kind or polite. It would be so much fun to impersonate someone who was known for being rude and unkind. Instead of letting little annoyances slide, we could raise our voices and shout at anyone who offended us. We could belittle baristas, scare servers and terrify toddlers. We wouldn’t have to worry about imitating Christ as long as we were impersonating someone who didn’t care about Jesus. Granted, that entire thought process isn’t very Christlike, but it does sound very entertaining.


The issue of trust has popped up again and again in The Deathly Hallows. Based upon that theme and its development, The Deathly Hallows may be my favorite book in the series. We get another glimpse into Harry’s journey of trusting Dumbledore with this quote from the book.

[Harry] had made his choice while he dug Dobby’s grave, he had decided to continue along the winding, dangerous path indicated for him by Albus Dumbledore, to accept that he had not been told everything that he wanted to know, but simply to trust.

Like Harry had to accept that Dumbledore hadn’t told him everything he wanted, we have to accept that God won’t always tell us everything we want. If God told us everything we wanted to know and gave us a roadmap for every decision we’re supposed to make, we wouldn’t have to trust God; we would simply have to trust the map. The uncertainty in our lives pushes us to trust God, even when we don’t know everything that’s going to happen. That trust is built upon our faith that God is good and wants the best for us. And hopefully God’s best for us doesn’t involve facing down an evil, snakelike wizard. That would be bad times.

Dumbledore’s Army

One of my favorite parts of the entire series was seeing Harry, Ron and Hermione reunited with all of their friends and members of Dumbledore’s Army. Relationships really stand at the center of the Harry Potter series because relationships stand at the center of our lives and existence. Harry couldn’t have made it this far without his friends and we definitely won’t make it very far without our friends and loved ones. I was especially excited to see Neville again and that he had finally earned the respect of his grandma. Like I’d written earlier, most nerds want to think of themselves as Harry, Ron or Hermione. For the most part, though, us nerds are more like Neville or Luna and it’s nice to know they got theirs.

The Deathly Hallows has been great and I can’t believe I’m nearing the end of my journey through Harry Potter. I’m excited to see what happens as Hogwarts prepares for the final battle with Voldemort and his Death Eaters. I’ll be sad to finish Harry Potter but I’ll be happy to finally earn that bit of nerd cred.

What thoughts do you have from chapters 25-30 of The Deathly Hallows?


4 comments on “#530 – The Deathly Hallows: Chapters 25-30”

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