#528 – Biblical Spin-Offs


CGI Yoda

Yesterday Disney laid out its plans for future Star Wars movies. Disney CEO, Bob Iger, said that they plan to make Episodes 7, 8 and 9 over a six-year period as well as standalone movies for different characters from the Star Wars universe. Along with Disney’s confirmed plans for standalone movies, rumors have surfaced that one such movie will focus on Yoda.

I don’t know how I feel about a Yoda movie. I loved Yoda in the Empire and Jedi but thought that he lost some of his appeal in the prequels. I imagine a movie about Yoda would focus on his exploits as a great warrior and not the great wisdom he gained in his 900 years.

That being said, I’ll watch any new Star Wars movie on opening weekend.

Like Yoda, here are some biblical characters that could use their own spin-off.


David has gotten a lot of play and rightfully so. He is one of the most important and compelling characters in the entire Bible. He starts as a humble shepherd boy, becomes king of Israel and his great sins were matched by an even greater pursuit of God. Jonathan was David’s best friend but doesn’t garner nearly as much attention. Jonathan was a great warrior in his own right and accepted God’s will even though it meant he wouldn’t ascend to Israel’s throne. I would love to see Jonathan’s life fleshed out in his own spin-off movie. We could see what it was like growing up as the prince of Israel, the conflict he had with his father after David fled and ultimately his death in battle. His life might not be as significant as David’s, but it’d make for a much better story than David’s brothers.


I really like Barnabas even though we’re nothing alike. Barnabas was knows as a son of encouragement; I’m mostly known as a child of making fun of people. Sometimes I try to be encouraging but it’s much more natural for me to say a joke or mock someone. I’m trying to get better but, until that I happens, just keeping my mouth shut helps. A spin-off about Barnabas would make for a great story. Not only could we see how encouraging he was but we could also see how he handled his conflict with Paul. Paul and Barnabas going their separate ways was a lot like Ron leaving Harry. We know how Ron and Harry resolved their conflict but we don’t know how Barnabas resolved things with Paul. I would love to see the two old friends hugging each other after years, putting aside their differences. I would also like to see them jump in a freezing pond to grab Gryffindor’s sword but that might be taking too many artistic liberties.


I couldn’t complete a list of biblical spin-offs without including a woman. While a Delilah spin-off might end up behind the curtained section of the video store, a Priscilla movie could highlight one of the New Testament’s greatest and most interesting leaders. Priscilla and Aquila helped straighten out Apollos’ theology and Paul counted her among his closest friends and coworkers. There is also some speculation that Priscilla is the author of the book of Hebrews, which would mean that she was also really smart. I would love to see a movie about a woman in the ancient world, rising above the limitations placed on women at that time. A Priscilla movie would be a lot like a Black Widow movie but with fewer leather jumpsuits.

I’d see a Yoda movie but I’d be more excited if Disney chose to make a spin-off with someone else, like Wedge or Lando. Star Wars and the Bible are full of supporting characters, each with their own lives and their own stories. In the Bible we like to focus on the major characters, but God was just as much a part of the supporting characters’ lives. And we may not think we’re doing huge things for God’s kingdom, but he’s a part of our lives as well and using our surrendered hearts for his purposes.

What Bible character would you like to see with his or her own spin-off?


3 comments on “#528 – Biblical Spin-Offs”

  1. I’ve always been intrigued by “supporting players” in the Passion. I once wrote a short story/dramatic monologue from Barabbas’ point of view, and also one about Pontius Pilate’s wife and her disturbing dreams. Simon of Cyrene also occupies the spotlight for such a brief but critical moment, and was apparently still known to the early church as the father of Rufus and Alexander (I think)…

    Balthasar, one of the traditional three wise men, got a book spin off of a sort in UNHOLY NIGHT. I remember one of your commenters objected to the book on principle early last year, but I read it and, while it is by no means “biblical,” it’s very entertaining and I didn’t find it offensive. Recommended reading!

    1. I did read “Unholy Night”. I didn’t find it offensive; it did nothing to dishonor Christ. It changed up the magi but we know do little about them anyway.

      I think I read somewhere that Hollywood had plans to actually do a Pilate movie, which would be interesting.

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