#526 – Nerdy Super Bowl

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Yesterday was America’s holiest day.

The Super Bowl.

I am a self-professed nerd; I’ve given myself the title “The Christian Nerd”. I have tons of nerd cred, especially when it comes to Star Wars and Star Trek. I always feel like my nerd cred can be doubted, though, because I love sports so much. To prove that I can be both a sports fan and a nerd, I compiled some nerdy observations from yesterday’s Super Bowl.

Space Pharaoh

During the NFC Championship game someone tweeted that 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, looks like a space pharaoh. I don’t necessarily know what a space pharaoh is, but I know that Colin Kaepernick looks like one. If they ever did a remake of Stargate or wanted to revive the show, Colin Kaepernick could star as the main bad guy. The bad guy in Stargate was basically a space pharaoh and I think there are definitely some similarities.


I only saw Stargate once and never watched any of the television series. I don’t imagine a strong arm and good speed were powers of the original space pharaoh, but they could be of the new space pharaoh. And tattoos, the new space pharaoh would need to have tattoos. And a big nose.

Lights Out

Even if you didn’t watch the game yesterday you still probably heard about the power outage at the Superdome. A few minutes into the third quarter half the lights went out in the stadium, which led to a 40-minute delay. With that kind of turmoil at a football game everyone on Twitter was tripping over himself or herself to make the best Bane joke. Trying to pick the best Bane joke, though, would be like trying to pick Jar Jar’s best moments. I would have preferred to see the Superdome turn into a Battle Royale type arena or have some xenomorphs moving through the stadium ventilating. Obviously I didn’t want to see somebody die, but some Battle Royale jokes would have been far more clever and nerdy than Bane jokes. And Bane’s voice was a big enough joke on its own; it didn’t need any help.


I know they’re not part of the actual game, but some of the commercials are the nerdiest part of the Super Bowl. Apparently some people were more offended by the GoDaddy commercial than I was. A supermodel making out with a nerd isn’t that big of a deal. If anything was offensive in that commercial, it was the propagation of the stereotype that all nerds are awkward and socially inept. The Big Bang Theory, though, has mined that stereotype for all sorts of success, so I can’t imagine it’s a stereotype that will soon disappear. Less offensive than the GoDaddy commercial, and much more exciting for nerds, was the new trailer for Iron Man 3. You can check out the extended edition below.

I love Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark and absolutely cannot wait for May 3. Of everything that happened in the Super Bowl, I’d say that the trailer for Iron Man 3 was the nerdiest and the most exciting…other than all that football playing and stuff.

I loved the Super Bowl and hope that love doesn’t hurt my nerd cred. I wouldn’t want to choose between Star Trek and the Super Bowl, especially if the Bears were in the Super Bowl. Based on how things are going, though, that doesn’t seem like it will be a problem for a long time.

What nerdy observations did you make during the Super Bowl?


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