#523 – Adolescents and a 91-Year-Old



After 522 posts here at TheChristianNerd, I definitely consider myself a blogger. I’m not a professional blogger but I am a committed blogger. That being said, though, first and foremost I consider myself a youth pastor and last night I had one of my most special nights ever as a youth pastor.

Last night my grandpa shared with our high school students, telling them about his life as a missionary, and dropping more wisdom than I could ever hope to have. I’ve been involved in youth group for 19 years, ever since I was in junior high. I can’t imagine a better night of youth group than hearing my 91-year-old grandpa speak to a roomful of high school students.

I have benefitted from 31 years of my grandpa’s wisdom. And even though they didn’t get nearly as much time with him as I have had, I know our students benefitted from 45 minutes of his wisdom. My grandpa has been following the Lord for almost 80 years and committed to serving the Lord 75 years ago. He was a missionary in both Ecuador and Mexico and, after retiring, has continued to serve God in everything that he does.

My grandpa is the most amazing man I know and I loved having him share with our students. I was a little worried that our students wouldn’t find him as amazing as I do. But based on their silence while he was talking and their reactions on social media after church, I would say that they appreciated his wisdom and enjoyed hearing him share as much as I did.

God’s love and the impact he has on our lives are powerful. So powerful, in fact, that they can bridge the gap between high school students and a nonagenarian.

Check back later in the week and I’ll post the audio of my grandpa.

What older people have spoken wisdom into your life?


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