#509 – Jesus Resolutions



I made a list of some nerdy resolutions and I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping up with them. I haven’t played any Skyrim yet, but I have found new iPhone game to waste too much of my time. Our nerdy resolutions probably aren’t that difficult to keep. Most other resolutions, though, aren’t as easy to keep.

Working out.

Eating right.

Saving money.

Quitting smoking.

A lot of us have probably made one of these resolutions only to see it fail. Most New Year’s resolutions begin with excitement and that will fuel them for a few days, even a few weeks. Once that excitement fades, though, the resolutions fall by the wayside and we go back to living life like we did before.

Unfortunately our desire to change and be more like Jesus often feels like a New Year’s resolution.

We’ve all had periods when we were really excited to be more like Jesus. Perhaps we were really touched by a sermon. Maybe we had a fresh encounter with Jesus at a camp or retreat. Experiences like that can light a fire in our souls. Those experiences can inspire us to make changes in our lives so that we can be more Christlike.

Like New Year’s resolutions, though, that excitement can fade. All the passion and fervor we had to be more like Jesus can cool over time, leaving us in the same place we were before. If we really want to make changes in our lives to be more like Jesus, we need more than just excitement.

Actual change takes intentional and sustainable action. Excitement will only take us so far. Intentional actions that we can sustain over a long time will help us to be more like Christ. When Zacchaeus encountered Christ his life was changed because of intentional and sustainable actions. He chose to share his wealth and to make amends to all those he had wronged. We’ll experience growth and change when we implement intentional and sustainable actions.

Our actions can’t do it alone, though. We can only change by trusting in the power and grace of Christ. Jesus is the only one who can help us become like Jesus.

What intentional and sustainable actions have helped you be more like Jesus?


2 comments on “#509 – Jesus Resolutions”

  1. Awhile back, I joined my wife in resolving (although not necessarily a New Years resolution) to getting healthy by working out more and eating right. We’ve done a good job on it. The best way to keep encouraging ourselves to stay on that course is to focus on our smaller goals and accomplishments. Each pound we lose or each day we get into the gym to work out is another “sustainable” action to continuing that resolution.

    Our Christian life needs to be the same way. In our goal to becomme more Christ-like (since we will never be exactly like Christ), we should start small. Jesus showed compassion to all that He met, even if they disappointed him. In my life, I try to be like Christ in that fashion by being polite and friendly to everyone I meet. Be they stranger in a foreign town, or just the guy behind the counter at my favorite tap-caf, smiling to them, wishing them a good day, thanking them for helping/serving me is just one small way. Once that becomes “habit”, or should I say, natural, behavior, it’s one step we can look to and say I can keep that resolution. What else can I do to become more Christ-like?

    Even making the habit of spending time in prayer and having a few minutes quiet solitude with God is a resolution that we can accomplish easily.

    Thanks for your posting. I am encouraged to not be content where I am and to continue my resolution to become more Christ-like.

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