#505 – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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I began my journey into the world of Harry Potter almost a year ago. While a year is a long time to spend in a series, I’m happy I didn’t have to wait years between each book. Like watching an entire series on Netflix, I much preferred immediately beginning the next book once I’d finished its predecessor.

As I stated in my last post about The Half-Blood Prince, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Harry Potter series and can see why nerds are so passionate about it. There’s no chance Harry Potter will supplant Star Wars or Star Trek as my favorite nerdclinations but there’s definitely space for it in my top 10. I imagine I’ll feel a little twinge of sadness when I finish The Deathly Hallows (mostly because I’ll lose a lot of content) but I’ll still have all eight movies to watch and review.

Below is the reading schedule I plan on keeping for The Deathly Hallows.

January 11 – Chapters 1-6
January 18 – Chapters 7-12
January 25 – Chapters 13-18
February 01 – Chapters 19-24
February 08 – Chapters 25-30
February 15 – Chapters 31-36

If you were so inclined, I’d love to have you read along with me and share your spoiler-free thoughts. I’ve made it this far without knowing too much about what happens and I’d hate for any twists or climaxes to be ruined for me at this point. If someone had told me that Snape killed Dumbledore I would have been as whiny as Harry was in The Order of the Phoenix.

If you’ve read all the Harry Potter books, where does The Deathly Hallows rank?


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