#499 – Fanatical for God

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Last night the Golden State Warriors defeated the defending champion Miami Heat. Two years ago I wouldn’t have cared about a December match-up between two basketball teams not based in Los Angeles. Today, though, I couldn’t be more excited because my Warriors beat LeBron James and his team.

I didn’t have a favorite basketball team so at the beginning of last season I picked the Golden State Warriors. Like God’s choice of Abraham, there was nothing special about the Warriors; I just wanted an object for my NBA affections. Last season was a little rough but the team is much improved and has started a seven game road trip 5-0.

It’s weird that I went from not caring about something 18 months ago to being completely excited and totally invested today.

I wish I could do the same thing in my life with God.

I’m a sports nerd and fanatical about the Cubs, Bears and now the Warriors. I follow all of their games, keep up on all of their news and look for any opportunity to talk about them. Sometimes it seems like my fanaticism for my teams is much greater than my fanaticism for my God.

In 18 months I’ve gone from zero to fanatical for the Warriors. In the same amount of time, my excitement for God hasn’t increased as much. Sure, there have been some spikes of excitement but, overall, I’m probably just a little more excited for God than I was in the middle of 2011.

I know that I just need to invest more time with God, find the time to silently sit in his presence. If I can make time to scour the Internet for news about the Warriors, then I know I can make time for God. If I can look for opportunities to talk about the Warriors and their best road trip since the 70s, then I know can find opportunities to discuss what God is currently doing in my life.

I know God doesn’t care if we’re fans of sports teams. But I also know he wants us to save our greatest fanaticism for him.

How do you become a bigger fan of God?


1 comments on “#499 – Fanatical for God”

  1. hey! this is pretty similar to what my spoken word piece is about. about becoming a fan of God. If you have the time e-mail me and I can send the link from my soundcloud. I promise it is nothing like spam or anything like that.
    Keep Posting!

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