#498 – Trailer Roundup


This is a great week for nerds. This week not only sees the release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, but it has also seen the release of a number of new nerdy movie trailers. Check out the trailers below as well as some thoughts about them.

Man of Steel

I’ve made my feelings about Superman very clear. I think he is a terribly boring super hero because there is no conflict within his character. He’s basically an overpowered boy scout who is more than happy to stand up for truth, justice and the American way. While I’d be more than happy to have Superman in real life, in a movie I want a more compelling character. From this trailer Clark seems a little moodier and a little more tortured, but that still doesn’t get me very excited for Man of Steel.


I wish this was a movie based on The Elder Scrolls instead of what would have happened had Tom Cruise played WALL-E. I know Tom Cruise went a little crazy for a while, but Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was great and I think Oblivion actually looks pretty good. Again, I’m upset it doesn’t have anything to do with Tamriel and gateways to hell, but hopefully that won’t keep me from seeing the movie.

The Lone Ranger

I loved all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Even though they were far-fetched with convoluted plots, I thoroughly enjoyed each one. Since the same team brings The Lone Ranger to us as Pirates, I’m planning on thoroughly enjoying it as well. The movie looks ridiculous but I could watch Johnny Depp act like a weirdo all day long, even if it’s not in a Tim Burton movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness

I want to go to there.

I posted the Japanese version because there are 12 extra seconds of footage and a possible tip of the hat to The Wrath of Khan. Star Trek Into Darkness doesn’t come out for another five months and I’m already debating how much or how little I want to know. Every day it seems like there are more and more potential spoilers and it’s getting harder and harder to avoid them. I hope that the next trailer just tells us whether or not Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan so I don’t have to keep plugging my ears while saying “LA LA LA” at the entire Internet.

It’s been a great week for nerdy movie trailers and I’m excited for a lot of these upcoming movies. I’m definitely most excited for Star Trek Into Darkness but maybe some of these other movies will help keep me distracted until May 17, 2013.

Which of these movies are you most looking forward to?


4 comments on “#498 – Trailer Roundup”

  1. Being a Superman non-fan you probably don’t care, but I’m really disturbed to hear Pa Kent telling Clark that “maybe” he should have let an innocent die to protect his secret identity. We’ll see how the moment plays in context. I am cautiously optimistic about the movie overall. I don’t see how even a non-fan like yourself can fail to be excited by the great new way Supes punches through the sound barrier, though… c’mon, Scott, believe a man can fly!

    Yesterday’s revelations put that scene from the Japanese Trek trailer into a new light, although it does seem that TWOK is the template for Into Darkness, to some degree. I wonder why they went to the trouble of resetting the franchise only to rehash the same old stories. Disappointed in that decision; having said that, the trailer is cool and the movie should be, too – if not overly deep. “Revenge bad” is a true message, of course, but we’ve heard it umpity-ump times in Trek (and as recently as the 09 film!).

    Thanks for the round-up!

    1. I actually found it interesting when Pa Kent told Clark that he maybe should have let those people die. I think giving Clark some conflict with his father could help him become more than one-dimensional, that he chose to do good even if his father didn’t want him to.

      I’ll admit that the shot of him blasting off was pretty sweet.

      1. If it is a “one off” moment – e.g., Pa says it and then reconsiders; I grant that raising a superhero is probably a daunting prospect for even the best of parents – then I can go with it. I don’t mind seeing Jonathan Kent as a full human being with real doubts and worries, torn between the greater good and the love of his son. But, in the end, Clark gets his moral code from his folks. He doesn’t wake up one day and decide to fight for truth and justice; it is instilled in him by his parents.

        I am reserving judgment, truly. I think it looks like it’ll be entertaining. I just wonder.

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