#494 – Christmas Parties

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I remember reading that executives at the SyFy channel wanted Battlestar Galactica to be a little happier. They thought that Ronald D. Moore’s vision of humanity’s remnant was too dark. The executives suggested that the characters throw a party to celebrate something. Moore acquiesced to their suggestion and some pilots celebrated in the hangar bay after returning from a mission. During the party, though, their ship explodes and the pilots are killed.

Hopefully none of our Christmas parties end up the same way.

I had the first of many Christmas celebrations yesterday. Our church’s preaching team gathered together for a meal to celebrate Christ’s birth and wrapping up a year of sermons. I’ve got a few more parties next week and even more the week after that.

Christmas is a great time for parties but it’s not just about the parties.

So often during the Christmas season we get caught up in parties, presents and traditions. We get so busy celebrating Jesus that we forget to spend time with Jesus. It’s like we tell Jesus, “I know you want to spend time with me but I can’t right now; I’m too busy planning a party for you.”

Jesus doesn’t want another party, though. The greatest birthday gift we can give him is to just spend time with him.

Jesus doesn’t want our presents, he wants our presence.

What parties do you have planned this Christmas?


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