#489 – Unrecognized Sin

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Spoiler alert.

Boomer is a Cyclon.

That’s not much of a spoiler since Boomer is revealed as a Cylon in the miniseries. More spoilery, though, is that Boomer goes sleeper cell and shoots Adama, severely wounding him. Since she was a sleeper agent, though, Boomer had no idea what she was doing; she didn’t know she was doing anything wrong.

Even though we’re not sleeper cell robots, we sometimes have the same problem. There are a lot of sins we commit and we know we’re committing them. There are times when temptation is staring us in the face and we happily give into it. Then, when we come before God in confession, those willful sins immediately pop into our minds.

Sometimes, though, our sins aren’t as obvious and we need a little help in seeing them for what they are.

This past Monday during a prayer time with our pastoral staff, God made me aware of some sin in my life that had previously gone unrecgonized. The week of Thanksgiving I had run myself ragged and hadn’t taken very good care of my body. I hadn’t exercised, I stayed up too late in Las Vegas, I ate too much food, I stayed up too late working on my sermon and I didn’t give myself enough time to rest with all the parties, preaching and ordaining I had going on. Not taking care of myself resulted in me being very tired and worn out as I sat confessing before God.

God showed me that I needed to confess poorly stewarding the body and life he’d given me. I hadn’t taken care of myself and had very much ignored the fourth commandment. So in that moment of conviction, I confessed to God and repented of the overly busy lifestyle I had been leading.

Before I sat down to pray, though, I didn’t even know I had anything to confess. We need those quiet moments to sit and listen to God; he may say nothing or he may show us unrecognized sin. In this case God helped me recognize some unrecognized sin and enabled me to confess and move on from it.

We should always depend on God’s grace to avoid temptation and willfully sinning. We should also depend on God’s grace to reveal unrecognized sin, so we can root it out before it leads to more noticeable sin.

Like shooting Commander Adam or responding to our loved ones with anger.

What helps you listen for God’s voice?


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