#487 – Cyber Monday

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Raise your hand if you bought something yesterday on Cyber Monday?

I know you can’t see it, but I also raised my hand. I got a good deal on a couple movies and not as good of a deal on The Dark Knight Rises. Amazon had other Blu-rays for $4; I don’t know why The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t included on that list.

The term “Cyber Monday” first appeared in 2005 and, since then, has gained more and more popularity. Cyber Monday is the digital counterpart to Black Friday. Cyber Monday is great because it allows nerds to get sweet deals without having to risk human interaction or a nasty sunburn.

Cyber Monday is also great because it gives us another opportunity to stare down the temptation to buy things we don’t need. Admittedly, I stared at that temptation and gave in like Jabba the Hutt’s beach chair. I didn’t really need Sucker Punch but for $4 it was hard to say “no.” I also didn’t need The Dark Knight Rises but I really wanted it, so that must make it all right.

Really, I bought those movies because I had an Amazon gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket. There have been plenty of times, though, when Cyber Monday got the better of me and I bought something I didn’t need with money I shouldn’t have spent. A lot of people don’t get sucked into spending money on Black Friday because they don’t want to stand in lines or risk getting shot in the mall parking lot. Those same people, though, are easily sucked in by all the deals emailed directly into their inboxes.

I’m all for buying presents; it is one of my preferred love languages. However, we shouldn’t allow the mass marketed excitement of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to push to make unreasonable and unnecessary purchases.

Unless you really need a $1,000 book set that documents the making of the Harry Potty film series.

What did you purchase on Cyber Monday?


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