#483 – Getting Away

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I’ve spent the last two days in Las Vegas. We didn’t have any ministry going on this week so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get away. Some people enjoy camping, others enjoy the beach but I really like Vegas. I’ve been coming to Vegas since I was four years old and there really isn’t anywhere else I’d rather go for a quick trip.

We all need to have those places to which we can get away. We need a daily place, like a room in our house or a chair on our porch. We need a place to escape to every few months, which for me is Vegas. We need a place to escape to once a year, which I would love to be Hawaii but I’d have to win a lot more radio contests.

In the midst of our busy lives we need time to get away. We need time to recharge our bodies, unplug from our emails and connect more deeply with the people and God we love. Without regularly scheduling that time we’ll miss it; we’ll allow another appointment or another meeting to take its place.

If we want to be the most effective and fruitful people possible, we need time away. Our jobs, ministries, families and friends will all benefit from our getting away. And they may even want to come along with us.

Where do you go when you get away?


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