#482 – Nerdy Bachelors

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I’m in Las Vegas again. Other than those living here, do other Christian bloggers write many posts in Vegas?

I’m actually on a little vacation celebrating my best friend’s wife’s birthday. Unfortunately Alycia had to work so I’m flying solo in Vegas. I haven’t done anything crazy or sinful. I’m enjoying myself but I desperately miss my wife.

I’ve forgotten what it’s like to be a bachelor but below are some nerdy bachelors who could teach me a thing or two.

Captain Picard

I prefer Picard to any other Star Trek captain, including Kirk. As I’ve said before, Kirk is nothing more than an oversexed frat boy. While some might prefer the bachelor life of Kirk, bedding a different green woman every night, I’d rather be a bachelor like Picard. Picard fully committed himself to his career and to bettering himself. Not only did he captain Starfleet’s flagship, but also dabbled in literature, theater, art, music, architecture and 1930s detective novels. I would love to be as well rounded as Picard; if I didn’t have a wife I imagine I could pursue all those other interests. Picard wasn’t immune to the influence of women but, unlike Kirk, he didn’t jump at anything that moved. He was far more discriminating, often choosing women whose interests aligned with his own.

Bruce Wayne

If Bruce Wayne had a wife I don’t think he would have been a very good Batman. Bruce understands the need to maintain loose connections with those around him. The people who are too close to Bruce run the risk of getting hurt by Batman’s enemies. So, without any real connections to others, Bruce is freed up to spend his nights fighting crime and his days recuperating from his nights. Most bachelors fill their time with beer pong or playing video games; Bruce is at least doing something worthwhile with all of his free time. As great as serving the people of Gotham City is, it would probably be better for Bruce to ditch the cape and cowl and find some authentic relationships. That, however, would make for really boring movies.

Luke Skywalker

I’m pretty sure that Luke gets together with Mara Jade in the Extended Universe. Until Disney makes that into a movie, though, Luke remains a bachelor in my eyes. With all of his free time as a bachelor, Luke was able to focus on his Jedi training. Instead of planning dates or cleaning the kitchen, Luke practiced his force push and worked on his lightsaber technique. Again, Luke is someone who maximized the free time allotted to him by his bachelor lifestyle. Most guys I know, myself included, would have wasted that time slicing stuff with the lightsaber. Most guys I know, myself included, would also have lost way more limbs than just a hand.

I guess one thing these nerdy bachelors have in common is free time to pursue other interests. Now that I’m married I don’t have as much free time as I used to. As a bachelor I used to play video, watch TV and stay up late working. Now that I’m married, though, I spend my free time with Alycia, hanging out and investing in the most significant relationship in my life. Sure I’d love to study alien architecture or swing a lightsaber, but I’d much rather spend time with Alycia. God blessed me with an amazing wife and I want to make the most of that blessing.

What other nerdy bachelors could teach me something about being a bachelor?


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