#479 – Good + Good = Better


Paramount recently announced that it will preview nine minutes of J.J. Abrams’ new Star Trek movie in December. Some scenes of Star Trek Into Darkness have been shot in Imax and the preview will be shown in 3D Imax theaters. The date coincides with the release of The Hobbit, which means new Star Trek footage could be shown before Bilbo’s adventure. That would be two good mashed together to create one even better thing.

Here are some good Bible stories that, if mashed together, would be even better.

Daniel and Samson

Daniel and Samson are two of the most popular Sunday School Bible characters. Daniel is a great example of someone committed to God no matter what. Samson is the Bible’s version of the Hulk, which makes him really popular with the kids. Samson would make the story of Daniel in the lions’ den far more exciting. It’s amazing that God keeps Daniel safe in the midst of the bloodthirsty lions, but Samson would put on a much better show. Instead of God keeping the lions’ mouths shut, Samson could have split the lions’ mouths open while pulling their heads apart. It would have been a much bloodier solution but I think Darius would have been equally impressed.

David and the Spies

Millions of people’s lives were derailed by the cowardice of 10 spies who didn’t think they could conquer the Promised Land. God was ready to go before his people and lead them to victory. Unfortunately the Israelites rebelled and God forced them to wander through the desert for 40 years. If David had been one of the spies, though, things would have gone differently. The 10 spies were scared of the giants living in the Promised Land; they didn’t think they could defeat the giants. David, though, was an expert at killing giants. He single-handedly took out Goliath and could have gone all River Tam on the giants in the Promised Land. David could have saved the Israelites from 40 years of wandering had he just killed all the giants before the spies even returned with their report.

Joseph and Song of Songs

The first time I read Song of Songs I think my face almost exploded. I was a 10-year-old boy just trying to be like Jesus and read my Bible. Somehow I opened my Bible to Song of Songs and my world was forever changed. At that point I didn’t really know what sex was but, after reading some graphic pillow talk in the Bible, I knew that God had something to do with it. As a scared fifth grader I would have certainly liked a little of Joseph’s story to have made its way into Song of Songs. Instead of a book about sexual intimacy between the lover and his beloved, the lover would have been fleeing from the temptation of his beloved. Instead of verses about breasts and grazing among the lilies, we would have eight chapters about how to say “No.” And, spending as much time with students as I do, that might be more helpful at this point in time.

Like peanut butter and chocolate, some things just go better together. I expect The Hobbit to be an amazing movie, but nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness will make it even better.

What are some other Bible stories that would benefit from a mashup?


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