#474 – Halo 4 and My Wife


Yesterday’s post about the 50 things I like was one of the more popular in recent history. In light of all the negativity surrounding the election, I thought it would be healthy to focus on all of the things I like. As evidenced by its popularity, I imagine a lot of other people wanted to ditch the negativity and embrace some positivity as well.

The second thing on my list, after Jesus, was my wife who plays video games with me. I really enjoy playing video games and God blessed me with an amazing wife who wants to join me in that pastime. Like a lot of other Xbox owners, Alycia and I fired up our assault rifles and entered into the world of Halo 4. We’re about halfway through the campaign and, so far, the game has been great. The new enemies have brought a breath of fresh air to the franchise and I’m keeping my fingers crossed so the Flood don’t show up.

I talk to a lot of young people looking for their spouse or hoping that the person they have will become their spouse. One of the main reasons Alycia and I work well together is because we play video games together. It’s not just about the video games but they symbolize something a lot deeper. Alycia and I are both content to sit at home and play Halo 4. We’re also content to sit at home and watch back-to-back-to-back episodes of 30 Rock. We’re also content to walk the aisles at Target, getting what we need but also looking at what we want.

Alycia and I don’t need a lot of excitement in our lives and doing normal, pedestrian activities together energizes our relationship. If either of us enjoyed going out and partying all night long, we probably wouldn’t get along that well. But God, in his infinite wisdom, knew that our marriage would be more successful if we both would rather sit with a controller in our hands than dance the night away in a club.

I’m so thankful for the wife that God gave me. It’s nice that she plays video games with me (and on her own) but it’s even better that she loves Jesus and ministry as much as I do. Partnering together to take on the Covenant is fun but partnering together to impact the lives of students is priceless.

She’s the Cortana to my Master Chief.

What video game buddies has God brought into your life?


2 comments on “#474 – Halo 4 and My Wife”

  1. Man, I can’t say I’m not a little envious about you guys playing Halo 4! I am looking forward to that game.

    To answer your question, indirectly I was saved through video games. The guys who brought me to LANs were also the ones who took me to church. Some of those guys are still my closest friends.

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