#467 – The Wolverine and Disappointment

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This teaser poster for The Wolverine was released yesterday and it is totally awesome. I never saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine because it looked terrible, which was confirmed by a number of my friends. I have more hope for The Wolverine, though. The sequel is based on the storyline that sees Wolverine travel to Japan, fall in love and face off against the Silver Samurai. I have hope for The Wolverine but I’m worried that it will leave me disappointed.

Here are some biblical characters who also wrestled with disappointment.


Elijah is one of the great heroes of the Old Testament. He also struggled with disappointment, so much so that he just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. After his showdown with the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel, Elijah nosedives into disappointment and doesn’t think he can go on. Things were bad for Elijah: he was on the run from Queen Jezebel, other prophets of God had been murdered and it seemed like all of God’s people had turned to Baal. In the midst of his disappointment, though, God meets with Elijah and encourages Elijah with his very presence. Elijah was disappointed but found hope in God’s provision.


Jonah is one of the more popular Bible stories for children. Not only does it have an animal but also it closely parallels Pinocchio. For a Bible story, though, it doesn’t have that happy of an ending. Sure it’s great that the Ninevites repent of their evil ways, but Jonah is disappointed that God doesn’t rain down his fiery fury on the city. Jonah is disappointed by God’s grace and we should be disappointed by Jonah’s attitude. God shows his grace to whomever he wants, us included. When we see God extend his grace we should celebrate. We should never have the same attitude as Jonah and think that someone else doesn’t deserve God’s grace. No one deserves God’s grace, which is why that grace is so truly amazing.


Cleopas is one of the disciples Jesus met walking on the road to Emmaus. Cleopas was disappointed because Jesus didn’t meet his expectations. Cleopas thought, along with many of the other disciples, that Jesus was going to defeat the Romans and establish a new earthly kingdom of Israel. When Jesus died and the Romans were still in power Cleopas was disappointed and thought that Jesus’ life and death had meant nothing. When a disguised Jesus explained what he had really accomplished through his life, death and resurrection, Cleopas’ disappointment turned to joy. Instead of defeating the Romans and establishing an earthly kingdom, Jesus defeated sin and death and established God’s kingdom.

Elijah, Jonah and Cleopas experienced disappointment. With a change of focus, though, Elijah and Cleopas were able to transform that disappointment. Had Jonah changed his attitude, his disappointment also could have turned to joy. I don’t want The Wolverine to disappoint me but I’m afraid that it might. To avoid disappoint I suppose I could lower my expectations or just skip the movie entirely. But Wolverine is the best at what he does so hopefully that transfers to his new movie as well.

What other Bible characters experienced disappointment?


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