#457 – Felix Baumgartner

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I went to the Grand Canyon once and was amazed at its beauty. I was also a little freaked out standing on the edge.

I also went to the Stratosphere once and was shocked at how much it cost to go to the top. Once I paid the exorbitant fee, I was a little freaked out staring at the ground below.

Felix Baumgartner would laugh at my fear of heights.

On Sunday Baumgartner set the world records for the highest parachute jump and free fall velocity. He took a capsule to a height of 128,000 feet and then jumped. I watched the jump live and could not believe my eyes.

I love when someone does something truly amazing. Baumgartner’s courage is amazing. The geniuses that designed the jump are amazing. The fact that a human being broke the sound barrier is amazing. All that amazingness led to something truly remarkable but it’s also a reflection of God’s character, ingenuity and creativity.

I love the fact that we’re made in God’s image. Although that image has been marred by sin, there are still moments when it clearly shines through. When we serve others, when we seek justice, when we jump from 128,00 feet, we are showing God’s image ingrained in us.

We should make every effort, every day to show God’s image. We can all reflect some aspect of God’s character through our service, character and relationships. 8 million people may not watch us reflect God’s character like they watched Baumgartner’s feat. One person may see it, though, and praise God because of it. And while not as awesome as jumping from outer space, that would still be pretty cool.

How have you seen God’s character reflected in another person?


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