#456 – Who is #1?

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Who is #1?

Kirk or Picard.

Han or Luke.

Aragorn or Legolas.

Wolverine or Cyclops.

We all like to know who is #1. We also like to let people know who we think is #1.

Picard is #1. Kirk is nothing more than an impulsive frat boy.

Han is #1. Luke is a whiny hick who kissed his sister.

Aragorn is #1. Legolas has a bow and doesn’t sink in snow, but Aragorn is king.

Cyclops is #1. Wolverine may be cooler and more interesting, but Cyclops is named Scott and he was married to Jean Grey.

Any #1 we support, though, pales in comparison to the real #1 in the universe: Jesus Christ. In the first chapter of Colossians, Paul outlines who Christ is.

Christ is God.

Christ is the creator of the universe.

Christ is the sustainer of the universe.

Christ is the head of the church.

Christ is the supremacy over the universe.

Christ truly is #1 in the entire universe and our lives should reflect that reality. Our choices and actions will be shaped by whatever we place as #1 in our lives. If we think that our jobs, friends or starship captains are #1, then we will live our lives for them. If we think Jesus is #1, then we will live our lives for him.

I love Picard, Han, Aragorn and Cyclops, but none of them created the universe and died on a cross for me. So, while Jesus may not be my #1 smuggler or X-Man, he is still my #1 and my life needs to show that.

How do you keep Jesus as #1 in you life?


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