#452 – Angry Birds: Star Wars


Angry Birds has been downloaded over 1 billion times across all its platforms. I’ve downloaded it on every iPhone I’ve had and also on my iPad. There aren’t many games that are easier to pick up and play while waiting for a movie to start or right before going to bed. Come November 8, I’ll be giving Rovio another $0.99 for their latest Angry Birds iteration:

Angry Birds: Star Wars.

While I know it’s nothing more than a cash-grab, I’m excited to launch Jedi birds at Stormtrooper piggies. I’ve played too many Star Wars games where I was a Jedi or a Republic commando; it’s about time I played as a bird dressed in a Halloween costume.

Do we really need another game on our phones, though?

I love my iPhone. It helps me stay connected. I use it to check my fantasy football scores. Its games entertain me while waiting. For all its benefits, though, the iPhone, or any smart phone, has some disadvantages.

I want to play Angry Birds: Star Wars but I know it’s going to take up a lot of my time. I’ll spend every free moment trying to kill as many Stormpiggies as possible and get three stars on every level. It’s possible that instead of talking with Alycia, I’ll just glance at her over my phone while flinging birds.

I love my iPhone but I know it can be a tremendous distraction. We can be excited about new apps, new games and even new operating systems. We shouldn’t let that excitement keep us from friends, family and responsibilities. Angry Birds is great for a momentary distraction but we shouldn’t let that moment last too long.

What phone games are most distracting for you?


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