#451 – The New Mutants

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The X-Men have always been my favorite team. From the time I first started reading comics as a kid up to today, I’ve always been most excited to read about Professor Xavier’s gifted youngsters. My favorite X-Men are the original team but I also liked the New Mutants.

The New Mutants first appeared in 1982 and had their own series from 1983-1991. I remember reading The New Mutants alongside The Uncanny X-Men. I liked the stories of younger X-Men and seeing what it took for them to grow as a team and learn to use their powers as well as Cyclops, Iceman and Beast.

In the real world it would be really important for the original X-Men to develop new mutants into super heroes. In the real world, at some point, Cyclops and Angel would have to step down and pass the mantle to a younger group of mutants. In the real world we always have to invest in the next generation if we want God’s kingdom to expand beyond ourselves.

As a youth pastor I love investing in the lives of the next generation. There’s no greater joy for me than seeing students grow into young leaders. Last night I had the tremendous joy of seeing former students step up, embrace their roles as leaders and expand God’s kingdom.

Every Sunday night we have worship and small groups for our high school students. Last night two of my former students led our time in worship. I was so proud to see students I had as freshmen grow into their roles as worship leaders. It was like watching Cannonball and Wolfsbane take on their first Sentinels.

If any of us are using our gifts and spreading God’s kingdom it’s only because someone else invested in us. If we hope to see the Lord’s work continue after we’re gone, then we need to invest in someone else. We don’t live in a comic book world; we won’t stay young forever. We live in the real world and, if we want to make a lasting impact in the real world, we need to invest in the next generation and give them opportunities to change the world.

Who invested in you when you were younger?


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