#445 – The Order of the Phoenix: Chapters 1-8

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I was really excited to get going with The Order of the Phoenix. After the exciting climax in The Goblet of Fire I couldn’t wait to see how the story continued to unfold. The Order of the Phoenix didn’t disappoint as it kicked off with a Dementor attack and a group of wizards whisking Harry away. A lot happens in the first eight chapters but I’m looking forward to Harry and his friends getting back to Hogwarts.

Here are some thoughts from the first eight chapters of The Order of Phoenix.

Annoying Harry

For all the he’s been through, Harry can be an annoying, immature brat sometimes. Throughout the first few chapters of The Order of the Phoenix all Harry does is complain that he’s been left alone and hold onto a grudge against his closest friends. Even with the severity of what the wizarding world is facing with Voldemort’s return, Harry still can’t get beyond his own petulance and personal problems. We can learn from Harry’s bad attitude and try to act differently. We all face real issues that should affect our attitude and our outlook on the world. Sometimes, though, our problems aren’t that big and we just need to change our attitude. We need to look at the bigger problems in the world, realize ours aren’t that bad and be grateful for what we have.

The Black Family Tree

I really enjoyed Sirius telling Harry about his family tree. Sirius chose a different path from most of his family, a path of good and helping other people. He was basically disowned and removed from the family tree because of his actions. Whether we’re pursuing good or bad, there are probably some branches in our family trees of which we’re not very proud. That’s what I like about Jesus’ family tree; it is filled with prostitutes, adulterers, murderers and all sorts of other sinners. Instead of blotting out the less desirable branches, God leaves them intact and shows that he works through us in spite of our brokenness.


Kreacher is the best. I love anyone who has completely lost their filter and says whatever they want to. I often wish that I could be like Kreacher. I’d tell old people to stop writing checks in the grocery store. I’d yell at anyone ordering a Frauppccino when I only want to order an iced coffee. I’d set up a surveillance camera, record people who don’t pick up after their dogs, find them and then tell them why they’re horrible people. Kreacher doesn’t care; he doesn’t like anyone in the Order and he doesn’t hold back. Unfortunately, living like Kreacher wouldn’t be very Christlike and would probably get me fired. I’m thankful for the filter that God has grown in my brain but there really should be two lines at Starbucks: one for Frappuccinos and one for adults.

The first few chapters of The Order of the Phoenix did a good job explaining what had happened in the world since Voldemort returned. I like the Order and am intrigued to see how it will continue to function over and against the Ministry of Magic. As I stated earlier, though, I’m ready for things to move back to Hogwarts as I’m sure it will be the most interesting year so far.

What thoughts do you have about the first eight chapters of The Order of the Phoenix?


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