#436 – Destiny

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Harry couldn’t escape his connection to Voldemort.

Luke couldn’t avoid his confrontation with Darth Vader.

Aragorn couldn’t deny his destiny as king.

Very often we can’t escape that to which we’ve been called, even at 30,000 feet.

As I’m writing this, Alycia and I are on our way home from our trip to Hawaii. We had an awesome time on our impromptu vacation, unplugging from work and spending time with each other. I was planning on avoiding work at least until Monday morning but then a large group of high school students boarded our plane and sat right behind us.

As a youth pastor there are few things I want to see on vacation less than youth.

Even though I may not want to see students on vacation, I can’t escape them at home and at work. Even if I wanted to, like Harry, Luke and Aragorn, I cant escape my destiny. I’m compelled to spend time with junior high and high school students because that is where God has called me.

Knowing where God has called us to be and to work is one of the greatest feelings in the world. When we are where God wants us to be, we’re more compelled to persevere when things get difficult. We’re also more compelled to spend everything we have to accomplish the tasks God has given us.

Knowing where God has called us to be and to work can also be one of the worst feelings in the world. Sometimes when I don’t want to be around students (like on an airplane) or don’t want to walk through a difficult season with a family, I know that I still have to. In the Ewok village Luke knew he needed to confront Vader even though he would have rather stayed with Leia and his friends. When we know we’re doing what God has called us to do, we keep pressing forward even when we’d rather stop, turn around or change directions.

Going wherever God calls us and doing whatever he asks can sometimes feel constraining. If we’re truly surrendered to God’s will then we know it’s impossible to go against that will. But there’s also a lot of peace in that knowledge. Instead of having to worry about where we’ll go or what we’ll do, we can just trust in God and go where he leads.

Even if that’s to an airplane full of high school students.

How do you find peace in doing what God wants you to do?


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