#434 – 3,000 Miles to Goodness

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Alycia and I are going to Hawaii today and I’m very excited.

My sister told me that she hated me because we’re going to Hawaii. I think she was joking – at least partially.

A lot of people have expressed similar sentiments, but thankfully less violent. A number of our students have asked me to take them instead of Alycia. Some of the students even said that they’d happily stowaway in our luggage. While it would be fun trying to sneak a kid through security I can’t imagine the phone calls I’d get from parents.

I’m really excited for this trip. I’m excited to get away. I’m excited to sit on a beach. I’m excited to see my family. All of that excitement, though, is rooted in God’s goodness. I know that my excitement and the trip itself wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for God’s goodness.

Based upon the amount of effort I put into winning this free trip to Hawaii, I shouldn’t have won. I gave F-worthy effort but got A-level results. That’s why I’m so grateful to God. In this instance he didn’t just show his goodness but he also showed his favor. One of my coworkers, one of the most godly men I know, said that we shouldn’t just ask for God’s goodness; he said we should go the extra step and ask for his overwhelming favor.

Fortunately God isn’t only good in Hawaii. He’s good every day and just waiting to shower his favor on us. Sometimes he does it without asking but it never hurts to ask. God knew the desire of my heart was to get back to Hawaii and he fulfilled that desire. If he hadn’t fulfilled that desire he wouldn’t have been any less good. I’m happy he saw fit to fulfill that desire, though, and give me the opportunity to experience his goodness and favor 3,000 miles away.

How have you experience God’s overwhelming favor?


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