#432 – Leaving Home

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As I wrote about yesterday, Alycia and I moved this past weekend. Moving sucks and that sucking was compounded by the sadness of leaving our first home. Our first home was nothing more than a one-bedroom apartment but it was our home. Home is important. Home is where we rest. Home is where we’re safe. Home is where we’re accepted. We’re making a new home together, but we’ve left our first home.

Here are some nerdy homes that were left behind.


Luke said it himself, as soon as his aunt and uncle were killed there was nothing left for him on his childhood home of Tatooine. I can’t fault Luke for wanting to leave Tatooine. It’s a giant desert, with two burning suns and mobster space slugs run the entire planet. No matter how hot or hostile home is, though, it’s still home. Had Owen and Beru not died, Luke probably would have been happy to stay on Tatooine for at least another season. Home isn’t just the place we live, but it’s also the people to whom we’re connected. When God call us to leave home, we’re not just leaving four walls and a roof, but we’re also leaving friends and the people most likely to help us move.


Caprica looked like a beautiful planet. As compared to one of those blue-collar planets like Sagittaron or Aerilon, I would have rather grown up on Caprica. Unfortunately all the Capricans, as well as every other citizen of the Twelve Colonies, had to leave their homes. The Cylons attacked all 12 planets and, those who survived, were forced to leave and find a home in the flotilla fleet anchored by Galactica. Their new homes in the fleet, though, weren’t all that safe as the Cylons were hot on their tail. Their new homes also weren’t that comfortable as they were overcrowded and extremely limited on resources. Thankfully their struggles eventually paid off as they made a new home on (SPOLIER ALERT) Earth…kind of.


“Earth-that-was” is our home, just further on in the future. The TV show Firefly takes place in the 26th century in a solar system far from our own. “Earth-that-was” was no longer able to support humanity so humanity turned to the stars. I really like living on Earth and don’t have any plans on leaving any time soon. However, I think it would be very exciting to leave Earth and find a home in a different solar system on another planet. I’m bummed that our new apartment is five minutes further away from my sister’s house, so I can’t imagine I’d enjoy being light years away from my friends and family. The opportunity to see a different sun rise on a different world would be pretty awesome.

We’ve left our first home and have moved into our second. I enjoyed the memories Alycia and I made in our first home, but I’m looking forward to new memories in our new home. Our new home may not be as special as our first, but at least we won’t have to contend with robots bent on humanity’s destruction.

What other nerdy homes had to be left behind?


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