#431 – Moving

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Moving sucks.

This past weekend Alycia and I moved out of our apartment into another apartment. We liked our old apartment but, by moving, we’ll be saving a pretty good chunk of money. When we were moving on Saturday we had to keep remembering the money we’ll save because moving is the worst.

Which is why I’m so grateful for all the friends and family who helped us move.

I used to have a truck so I got asked a lot to help people move a lot. Not matter how much I liked who I was helping, moving still sucked. There’s nothing fun about moving furniture, packing boxes and lifting with your legs. And, for the most part, the only payment anyone receives for helping move is some pizza and a sore back.

That’s why helping someone move is one of the most Christlike things you can do.

Jesus sacrificed himself without thought of receiving anything in return. When we help others move we’re doing the same thing. We may not be sacrificing as much as Jesus, but giving up 6 hours on a Saturday is still pretty costly. Jesus died for us while we were still his enemies but we generally help our friends move. However, I’ve seen some friendships strained as two grown men attempted to navigate a couch down a flight of stairs.

God created us to be in authentic relationships with other people. He did this because we need the support of friends and family to weather the difficult seasons in life. He also created us to be in authentic relationships because we rely on those relationships when we need to move. I don’t have a lot of money to pay movers so I’m glad I’ve got a lot of friends who helped us move for free.

Who do you have in your life who would help you move?


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