#423 – Diary of a Fat Nerd 5


I wish that losing weight was easier or that eating hamburgers wasn’t unhealthy.

Last April I posted about how I’d found a new resolve to eat better and lose weight. As a result of that new resolve I had lost 15 pounds. That resolve faded over the summer, though, as my meager workouts weren’t enough to counter my less-than-meager meals.

Over the summer I regained those 15 pounds I thought I had lost and am now trying to lose them yet again.

A few weeks ago I started P90X. I’d seen the commercials and spoke with some friends who had gone through the program. I didn’t really tell that many people I started P90X because I wanted to make sure I would stick with it. It’s been difficult, both physically and finding time to do the workouts. However, I’ve enjoyed the variety; the six different workouts I’ve done are a lot more interesting than simply spending time on the elliptical.

I’ve also made P90X a communal experience. One of my good friends has joined me early in the morning for a few workouts and even Alycia has done a few sessions with me. In the past I’ve never really wanted to work out with other people; I always felt like other people were judging me. Thankfully I got beyond that fear and have been growing closer to others while hopefully shrinking my waistline.

I’ve had so many starts and stops over the years in trying to lose weight. Part of me just wants to gain 150 pounds so I can go on The Biggest Loser. That’s probably not the healthiest or most God-honoring option. Hopefully, though, “Diary of a Fat Nerd 6” will be all about getting closer to my goals and finishing 13 weeks of P90X.

What exercise routines and regimens work for you?


3 comments on “#423 – Diary of a Fat Nerd 5”

  1. P90X is challenging! I don’t think I got through a full week – CONGRATS on making it 3!! 🙂 I really believe that along with exercise, watching your food intake closely is integral to weight loss. Food may be even MORE important actually. Do you track your calories? I use an app on my phone called My Fitness Pal. They have a website too. It takes getting used to – the tracking every bite and ounce – but it’s worth it!

    1. I’ve been tracking my calories for a few years now. I used Livestrong for a while but have been using MFP for a year now. I like it. It helps me to have better knowledge over what I’m eating.

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