#419 – iPhone 5 (Kind Of)

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The above video is awesome.

I am all about posting pictures of the food I am eating. I do believe that sharing photos of food creates a virtual communal experience with our friends on various social networks. The danger, though, comes in missing the communal experience that is taking place at the very real table with our very present friends.

Eating and relationships are core to the human experience. But it’s all too easy to ignore actual relationships when trying to share our meals digitally.

I preached a sermon about being present with those we are with and not allowing our phones or other devices to keep us from interacting. In the sermon I encouraged the congregation to leave their phones in the car the next time they went out to dinner. That night after giving the sermon I went out to dinner with Alycia and my in-laws. I chose to practice what I had preached and left my phone in the car. I wasn’t able to tweet, Facebook or share pictures of my meal yet, somehow, the world kept spinning and no one was offended that they didn’t see what I was eating.

As the video pokes fun at, pictures of our food shouldn’t be the façade of a fulfilling life with great relationships. And we shouldn’t let taking pictures of food keep us from experiencing a fulfilling life with great relationships.

Unless you’re eating sushi. Then you’re not only sharing what you’re eating but also rubbing it in everyone else’s face.

Thanks to Andrew for sharing the video with me.

Why do you take pictures of the food you eat?


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