#418 – Nerdy Marriages


Yesterday was Alycia’s and my second anniversary. God has shown his tremendous goodness by blessing me with an amazing wife. Not only does she love God and ministry, but she also puts up with all of my nerdiness, which reached new levels with The Avengers earlier this year.

The past two years have been great but I’m already excited to see what he’s going to do in the next year and all the years to come. Looking ahead to our future, here are some nerdy marriages I wouldn’t mind emulating.

Worf and Dax

While they’re marriage didn’t last that long, Worf and Dax knew what it was to look past their differences for the good of their marriage. It’s certainly my hope that whenever Alycia and I face differences in opinion we’ll be able to get beyond those differences and do what’s best for our marriage. I also want our marriage to reflect Worf’s and Dax’ because she was attractive and he wasn’t very good looking, at least by human standards. I don’t have ridges on my forehead but I’m also not going to be mistaken for George Clooney or Derek Zoolander. So if my less attractive self can continue to be married to my more attractive wife, I am all for it.

Reed and Sue Richards

I’ve never read a lot of Fantastic Four comics and I didn’t see either of the movies. However, when I have seen the Fantastic Four, I have always appreciated how Reed and Sue Richards work together. Whether they’re saving the world, defeating Doctor Doom or raising their children, Reed and Sue always work as a team. One of the best parts about our marriage is that Alycia and I get to do ministry together. There’s nothing better than influencing young lives with the love of my life. A marriage takes teamwork; both the husband and wife need to be moving in the same direction. Whether we’re doing ministry, shopping at Target or raising kids, I hope that Alycia and I are always on the same team, working for a common goal.

Ned and Catelyn Stark

I won’t spoil anything but Ned and Catelyn Stark really had to work at their marriage. In the hard world of Westeros’ north, nothing seems to come easy including marriage. I admire Ned and Catelyn’s marriage because, in spite of its initial difficulties, it really did thrive. I hope our marriage reflects the same tenacity; even when things get difficult I hope Alycia and I continue to work at our marriage. Marriage is great; next to my life with Jesus it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. In spite of its greatness, though, or because of it, marriage takes a lot of work. And, by the grace of God, Alycia and I will be able to put in at least 50 years of good work.

We’re only two years into those 50 but I’m excited to see what God has in store for us. If our marriage can be as good as those listed above I’ll be happy. I know we can only have a successful marriage, though, if it’s built upon a foundation of Christ, not phasers and cosmic rays.

What nerdy marriage would you like to emulate?


3 comments on “#418 – Nerdy Marriages”

  1. Wash and Zoe! LOL Well, since I am not a warrior and my husband isnt a skilled pilot that still likes to play with his dinosaur toys, perhaps not. I just wish we could have seen how it progressed. I think it would have been a help and encouragement to all couples to see the ups and downs yet dedication of their marriage. (And too often couples are not reflected favorably or as being committed forever to each other in media anymore. Sci-fi and fantasy included!)

    1. That’s a really great example, Tracy! I liked the dynamics in their marriage with Zoe being the stronger spouse and Wash being just a little more submissive. It worked for them and their marriage.

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