#416 – Solitude

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On Friday I sat staring at the fountain above.

Last week I had been feeling a little spiritually dry and disconnected from God. There wasn’t anything overt that caused those feelings, just a long, busy summer and trying to recover from it. Those feelings permeated my week and, spurred by the book Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership, I sought out solitude with God.

So I went across the street to the mall and sat outside, staring at a fountain.

Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership is all about finding solitude with God, which is necessary to care for our souls in order to be the most effective leader possible. As I was reading through the book I thought I needed to clear my schedule for a week in order to find solitude with God.

But then I sat in 100-degree heat staring at a fountain.

As I wrote about last week, it’s been really hot in southern California. As I was seeking out God, though, I thought it would be worthwhile to try and find God in the heat. As I was listening to some music, staring at the fountain, I couldn’t help but smile at the little kids who walked up and splashed in the fountain. In the middle of blistering heat, the kids were more than happy to find refreshment in the fountain.

God spoke to me in that moment, watching those kids playing in the fountain.

Finding refreshment and satisfaction in God doesn’t just happen when we clear our schedules for days at a time for solitude. We can find that solitude and refreshment on a daily basis, we just need to look for it. Just like those kids went running up to the fountain on a hot day, we need to go running up to God because he is the source of all life and vitality. In the midst of busy schedules and busy lives, we need to live out Psalm 42 and be deer panting for water or, in this case, little kids splashing in the fountain.

Solitude with God is like a long, drink of cool water on a hot, summer’s day. If we only wait until our calendars are clear to find that time, then we’re going to die of thirst. We need to find that solitude with God on a regular basis and have fun splashing around in his presence.

How do you find solitude with God on a regular basis?


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