#405 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

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My sister has been telling me to get back into the world of Harry Potter. She is a huge Harry Potter fan and wants me to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire so I can write about it and so she and I can talk about it. After a long ministry summer in which I didn’t have a lot of time for reading, I’m ready to get back to my normal rhythms of life and reading.

When we last left Harry he had learned the truth about his godfather, Sirius Black, and was looking forward to spending some of his summer with the Weasleys. I hope The Goblet of Fire doesn’t open up with a lot of the Dursleys – they really bother me. I’ve also been told that The Goble of Fire really gets into the larger narrative of the Harry Potter series, even more than The Prisoner of Azkaban.

Not only do these later books get into the larger story, but the books themselves get a lot larger. I’ll be posting reflections on the book as I work my way through it. You can find the schedule I’ll be following below.

August 10 – Chapters 1-8

August 17 – Chapters 9-14

August 24 – Chapters 15-19

August 31 – Chapters 20-25

September 7 – Chapters 26-30

September 14 – Chapters 31-37

I’d love for you to read along with me and share your thoughts as well. As I’ve never read through the books nor seen the movies, I’d appreciate if you kept your spoilerriffic thoughts to yourself. I’m excited to see what’s next as Harry’s fourth year at Hogwarts unfolds.

If you’ve read all of the Harry Potter books, where does The Goblet of Fire rank?


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