#403 – I Get Down


I wish this was a post about the Audio Adrenaline song “Get Down”. There’s a lot better Christian music today than Audio Adrenaline, but they and their big house will always hold a special place in my heart.

Instead of getting down to get lifted up, this post is just about getting down.

Being sad.

Bumming out.

Whomp whomp.

I don’t have that many Eeyore days but I’ve had a few this week. On Sunday my truck started experiencing some problems with the transmission. I had to have it towed to the shop and now I’m waiting for what I’m expecting will be bad news. In light of all the tragedies in the world, my transmission going out seems a little insignificant.

If it matters to us, though, then it matters to God.

If God cares about what little birdies eat then he cares about our cars, health, families, friends and jobs. It’s true that other people probably have it worse, and remembering that helps us to keep our own problems in the proper perspective. That proper perspective allows us to address our problems without blowing them out of proportion.

Sometimes our problems, big or small, aren’t any coincidence. I just came off a great week at junior high camp, hanging out with students and building new relationships. At camp we always talk about going home and coming down from the mountaintop experience. Satan is a lion, waiting to pounce and undo all the work that God does during a spiritual retreat. I had a great week at camp and my truck is really trying to get me down; sometimes Satan isn’t a lion waiting to pounce but a transmission waiting to go out.

Whether we’re coming off a spiritual high or not, we’re always going to have some Eeyore days. Getting down is a part of life and we need to learn how to trust God during those seasons. Our problems may not be the biggest, but God cares about them and wants us to bring them to him. After all, God is our father and he has a big, big house with lots and lots of rooms. And he wants us to find him in one of those rooms, crawl up into his arms and tell him about our day, even if it wasn’t that great.

What helps you turn to God when you’re having a bad day?


2 comments on “#403 – I Get Down”

  1. The bad day itself is the help I need to turn to God about the bad day. It prompts me to speak to God about it, as if that is the next important thing on my agenda to do with whatever is going on.

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