#401 – Biblical Transportation

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My truck is having some problems. I love my truck but it’s needed some major repairs each of the past two years. Hopefully the repairs won’t be so major this time. I wouldn’t mind a smaller, more efficient car, but my truck is perfect for ministry. If I could trade in my truck for one of these biblical modes of transportation, though, I would do it in an instant.

Chariot of Fire

I want this tattooed on my body.

Elijah was one of Israel’s greatest prophets and he undoubtedly had the best exit. Had Elijah been a stand up comedian, he would have dropped the microphone and walked out to a standing ovation. Instead of exiting this life in a wooden box, Elijah left this life in a flaming chariot. Elijah has the rare distinction of avoiding death and taking a fiery, heavenly chariot to the sky. I would love to roll down the streets of Rancho Cucamonga (my absurdly named home) in Elijah’s flaming chariot. If the chariot required a flame-retardant suit it wouldn’t be terribly practical. If it didn’t, then I could pretend to be Peeta and Katniss every day of my life.

Balaam’s Donkey

I feel like I write a lot about Balaam. It’s one of the most hilarious stories in the Bible: a talking donkey asks his master, Balaam, what he did to earn a beating. I’ve never ridden a donkey but I can’t imagine it’s the most luxurious form of transportation. Not that I’m used to luxurious forms of transportation; I drive a 2002 Toyota Tundra. However, I have gotten used to luxuries like air conditioning, which is a far cry from the air the donkey would be passing. If the donkey could talk, though, I’d gladly trade in my Tundra. Not only would I always have someone to talk to on long journeys, but I could definitely make some money by dressing as Shrek and doing a little street performance.

Noah’s Ark

Unless I lived in Venice, Noah’s Ark would be a really impractical mode of transportation. The Ark, while great for rescuing all the animals (except for the unicorns!!!), wouldn’t really work for commuting back and forth to work. I also don’t know how to build furniture from Ikea, so I imagine building an Ark from scratch would be a little difficult. If I could somehow manage to build an Ark and put it on wheels, though, it would be the perfect vehicle for youth ministry. Students are a lot like wild animals, so why not have a vehicle where they can be separated and contained?

I really wanted to include the birds that rescue Gandalf, Frodo and Sam but I couldn’t find them anywhere in the Bible. I really hope there isn’t anything major wrong with my truck but, if there is, I could always try to find a donkey.

What mode of biblical transportation would you like to take for a test drive?


1 comments on “#401 – Biblical Transportation”

  1. I totally thought this was going to be about a Biblical version of Star Trek’s transporters. XD

    As to what Biblical mode of transportation I’d choose, I’d honestly have to say walking or boating with Jesus. Obvious, but true.

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