#392 – Interlude

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“Interlude” is a song by the band Attack Attack! Some students at the University of Northern Iowa choreographed a dance for the song, which has become a phenomenon at the school’s sporting events. The original video with instructions can be seen below.

This year “Interlude” was a part of our summer camp experience. The recreation leaders taught us the dance on the first night of camp and did it every night after that. It was a lot of fun dancing around with our students every night and the fun even followed us home.

YouTube really is amazing. A group of college students created a dance in Iowa and now our high school group in California is doing the same dance. Social media have made the world a much smaller place; instead of having to come up with our own ways to have fun we can steal the ideas of others.

God created us to have fun and we definitely had a lot of fun dancing the “Interlude”. I know a lot of Christians are opposed to dancing and for good reasons. A lot of dancing today has less to do with dancing and more to do with drinking, rubbing up on your partner and trying to finish the dancing with a one-night stand.

Dancing around in a circle with students at summer camp is a far cry from dropping it like it’s hot in a club.

God wants us to have fun but not at all costs. It’s very possible to remain obedient and faithful to God while still having a good time. In order to have God-honoring fun we just need to start with God and finish with fun. If we focus on the fun before God then we might end up dropping some ecstasy and licking everything in sight. But if we focus on God first, then whatever fun we find will be more like David dancing in the street than Sodom and Gomorrah.

How can we reconcile honoring God and having fun?


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