#385 – Moving Forward

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I really enjoy blogging. It’s a good discipline for me and it also helps me look back on where I’ve been. We’re leaving camp today and, because I’ve been blogging for over a year, I can look back on what I was thinking when we left camp last year.

When we left camp last year I wrote a post titled A Lighter Faith. It’s not a bad post and I remember what I was going through when I wrote it.

As we leave camp this year I’m really thinking about the concept of moving forward. This week we’ve looked at the story of the Israelites and their failure to enter the Promised Land when they escaped Egypt. I’ve encouraged our students to keep moving forward to where God is calling them. If we allow ourselves to get distracted, though, it’s easy to stop moving and even regress.

If we really want to be the people God created us to be then we have to intentionally move forward. God didn’t create us to stand still or regress in our lives with him. He has called us to grow, he has called us to change, he has called us to move forward.

We might be taking baby steps.

We might be taking giant leaps.

We might be taking three steps forward and one step back.

It doesn’t matter how well or how fast we’re moving forward, just that we’re moving forward. And hopefully a year from now, as I’m again leaving camp, I can look back and say that I have moved forward.

What helps keep you moving forward in your life with God?


1 comments on “#385 – Moving Forward”

  1. I love that even a little bit of movement forward is a move forward.
    Would you add a movement in depth (down into your soul) as a move forward?
    It helps me to think of down as forward still. Sometimes the movement down and in is the impetus for forward movement.
    Thanks for the post Scott.

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