#378 – Busy as a B!

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I just got back from vacation and thinking about this upcoming season makes me already want another one. We have VBS this week and next week I’m heading to high school summer camp. Between teaching 300 kids and getting ready for camp I already miss the sandy beaches in our 50th state.

More than the beach, though, I miss the time I had to spend with God and reflect upon his word and presence. It was easy to think about God when surrounded by the beauty of his creation. It was easy to take time to read and pray while relaxing on the beach.

Now that I’m home, though, and facing an extremely busy season, I’m worried that will change. I know myself and I know that busyness often leads to aloofness from God. I get so busy doing the work of God that I often forget to spend time with the boss.

I know that it just takes intention to spend time with God. It’d be easier if I were a branch on a vine. A branch can’t sleep in or get lazy, unfortunately I can. But if I want to make it through this next season I need to spend time with God. I need to connect to the power of the Holy Spirit. I need to be with the vine.

So hopefully I can do just that, armed with my book of prayers and One-Year Bible. We all face busy seasons but, at those times, who better to spend time with than the Prince of Peace?

How do you stay connected to the vine during busy seasons?


1 comments on “#378 – Busy as a B!”

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