#375 – Nerdy Summer Movie Preview: Part 2

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It’s hard to believe but we’re almost halfway through the summer. So far this summer there have been some great nerdy movies (The Avengers), some good nerdy movies (Prometheus) and some bad nerdy movies (Battleship). I’m still waiting to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and I’ll be waiting a really long time to see G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which got pushed back to next March.

Here’s a look at some of the nerdy movies coming out in July and August.

The Amazing Spider-Man – July 03, 2012

I’ve never been a huge fan of Spider-Man. I never really got into the comics and I thought Sam Raimi’s movies were good but not that great. The series is being quasi-rebooted with The Amazing Spider-Man and it looks pretty good. The movie comes out while we’re at summer camp so I probably won’t be there on opening day. And, opening day or not, I just hope that Spider-Man is funnier than the one joke about tiny knives that has been in every trailer.

The Dark Knight Rises – July 20, 2012

I think that The Dark Knight is the greatest super hero movie ever. The evil and chaos of Heath Ledger’s Joker matches up perfectly against the good and order of Christian Bale’s Batman. I have somewhat tepid expectations for The Dark Knight Rises. I think it will be a good movie but I just don’t think it will be as good as The Dark Knight. Other than Memento, I have liked all of Christopher Nolan’s movies and I trust that trend will continue with his Batman swan song.

The Watch – July 27, 2012

Not a lot of comedies get reviewed here at The Christian Nerd. The Watch, though, is a comedy about a neighborhood watch preventing an alien invasion. The movie stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill as members of the neighborhood watch. The movie is rated R and I’m sure will be filled with a lot of vulgar language. It also looks really funny, though, and I never mind seeing alien invaders killed. It serves them right for keeping me up scared all night when I was a kid.

Total Recall – August 03, 2012

I’ve never seen the original Total Recall. However, I did recently learn that one of my high school students is related to Philip K. Dick, the prolific science fiction author upon whose work Total Recall is based. The new Total Recall looks fairly entertaining and I don’t have anything to compare it to. Perhaps I’ll watch the remake first so I can appreciate it for what it is and then watch the original. For both films, though, should I close my eyes when the lady with three boobs comes on screen?

Paranorman – August 17, 2012

I wasn’t planning on including Paranorman but the second half of summer was a little light on nerdy fare. Paranorman looks like a children’s version of a horror movie. The original trailer piqued my interest and I may get around to seeing it this summer. I’m worried, though, that there might only be space in my heart for one Claymation supernatural hero. And if that’s the case, Norman has no chance against Jack Skellington.

The second half of the summer doesn’t look as good as the first half of the summer did. If The Dark Knight Rises exceeds my expectations, though, the second half may hold its own. I’m bummed the summer is already halfway over, but I’m looking forward to keeping it nerdy in the theaters until fall.

Which of these movies are you looking forward to?


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