#373 – Worst Nerdy Vacations

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As I mentioned yesterday I am in Hawaii on vacation. Hawaii is a spectacular place to go on a vacation. The weather is gorgeous, the water is blue and there is a lot of amazing food. Not every place is perfect for a vacation, though.

Here are some of the worst nerdy vacation spots.

New Caprica

Even though New Caprica made for one of the most ZOMG moments in television history, it would be a horrible place for a vacation. New Caprica was cold, wet and depressing. Vacationing on New Caprica would be like taking a vacation to the Great Depression. The Cylon occupation didn’t make New Caprica any more attractive. Instead of just being wet and depressing it was a wet and depressing military state. Even the people who lived on New Caprica couldn’t wait to get away and thankfully Admiral Adama, Commander Adama and Commander Adama’s chins came back to rescue them.

The Savage Land

Visiting the Savage Land would be like going to Jurassic Park but more dangerous. In the Marvel universe, the Savage Land is a hidden region in Antarctica where prehistoric species were allowed to evolve and thrive. The Savage Land is filled with dinosaurs, saber tooth tigers and lizard people. There would definitely be a lot for outdoor enthusiasts, but getting eaten alive can ruin even a great hike or awesome river rafting. However, vacationing in the Savage Land would provide the opportunity to find out if dinosaurs were real or just an elaborate scheme by Satan to confuse humanity.

The Capitol

In the world of The Hunger Games the Capitol seems like the perfect place to visit. I’d much rather sit in the lap of luxury in the Capitol than in the squalor of the lower districts. For all of its glitz and glamour, though, the Capitol is a little disturbing. I don’t know if amazing food and indoor plumbing would be worth having to spend time around the inhabitants of the Capitol. Everyone there is really weird and incredibly superficial. Their attitudes and habits might rub off on someone if they vacationed there for too long. I wouldn’t mind coming home from a vacation in the Capitol with some wicked facial hair.

Vacations are great as long they’re spent in an ideal location. Thankfully my grandma lives in an ideal location like Hawaii. I’d be really sad if visiting her meant vacationing in Death Valley.

What are some other bad nerdy vacation spots?


1 comments on “#373 – Worst Nerdy Vacations”

  1. Mordor. No one just walks into it, for starters.

    The Machine Planet from “Star Trek: The Motion Picture” – Voyager 6 went all the way across the galaxy, and all we got was this gigantic deadly cloud!

    The Phantom Zone – it’ll leave your wallet (not to mention the rest of you) a little flat.

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