#322 – Diary of a Fat Nerd 4

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It’s been about 150 posts since I last discussed my efforts to lose weight. Mostly because, for the better part of those 150 posts, there hasn’t been any good news to report.

As I’ve written about before, I was your average chubby kid who had to shop in the husky section and I grew up into an overweight adult. In 2003 I managed to lose close to 60 pounds and get down to my lightest recorded weight of 167.8 pounds. Over the years that followed I gained most of the weight back. Like a good portion of America, in spite of my desire to change, I didn’t.

Over the course of those weight-gaining years, though, I couldn’t really say that my desire to lose weight was very strong. If it was I would have put down the fork and picked up some weights. I would have stopped going back for seconds and started counting my calories. At the beginning of February, though, I steeled my resolve and got back to doing the things I knew I needed to do to lose weight.

So in the course of two months I’ve lost 15 pounds. That’s a little behind my desired pace but, with a vacation to Las Vegas in there, I’ll take it.

I wrote a post about how living healthier lives is honoring to God. I really do want to honor God with a healthier life but there are also a lot less spiritual reasons for wanting to lose weight.

I want to be around to hang out with my grandchildren.

I want to buy slim fit clothes and look good in them.

I want my wife to think I’m totally hot.

I don’t want to ever look like this.

I’m really happy about the 15 pounds that I’ve lost. I’ve also gotten to the point where people are starting to notice, which helps me stay motivated.

I hope to lose another 25 pounds, at which point I’ll no longer be the stereotypically fat nerd. I certainly hope that doesn’t hurt my credibility in the nerd community. I don’t think I can blog about anything else.

What do you do to maintain a healthy lifestyle?


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