#315 – The Chamber of Secrets: 6-9

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My adventure in the world of Harry Potter continued this past week. I’ve been tempted to get ahead of my reading plan but I have abstained. As things start to pick up at Hogwarts, though, I may find I lack the self-control necessary. Below are some reflections from the chapters 6-9 of The Chamber of Secrets.

Gilderoy Lockhart

Last week I wrote about how I thought Dobby was J.K Rowling’s version of Jar Jar Binks. My sister assured me that Dobby gets better and I won’t hate him as much as I do right now. I haven’t asked her about Gilderoy Lockhart, though. At this point, if Dobby is Jar Jar Binks, then Lockhart is Greedo shooting first. He’s awful, I can’t stand him and, like Harry, I wish I could run and hide every time he shows up in the book. He’s exactly like the Gentile rulers who lord it over their followers. Since he’s a fictional character I don’t feel bad in saying I hope he meets an early end or at least ends up sharing a head with Voldemort.


I thought that I would like Draco Malfoy since I tend to root for the bad guys. Malfoy is such a little punk, though, that I can’t help but hope he eventually gets what’s coming to him. When he insulted Hermione and called her a “mudblood” I so badly wanted Ron to punch him in the face. Even with their spells and magic, the wizarding world seems to face a lot of the same problems with discrimination and exclusivity that we muggles do. Even though some Christians think that Jesus can’t have anything to do with Harry Potter, some of those Slytherins really need to follow his example of love and acceptance.

Sir Patrick

These chapters were filled with a lot of pompous and arrogant individuals. Lockhart and Malfoy and even the headless Sir Patrick. I felt bad for Nearly Headless Nick and his inability to join the Headless Hunt.  Again it felt like those in power were excluding others simply because they could. Not only did Sir Patrick deny Nick admission to the Headless Hunt, but he also ruined his deathday party. Instead of getting to celebrate with his friends, Nick was forced to watch as Sir Patrick and the Headless Hunt stole all the attention and praise. That’s an even worse present than Harry got.

I’m really excited to see how the mystery of the writing on the wall unfolds, especially if it’s a message written by the hand of God. I doubt the story will follow the trajectory of Daniel but I’m still looking forward to reading it and seeing what I can learn.

What were your thoughts from chapters 6-9 of The Chamber of Secrets.


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