#313 – Are You Hungry?


Every spring we do a big competition series for our youth group. We pick a theme and plan all of our games, teams, images and talks around that theme. This year it was a no-brainer for us to use The Hunger Games as our theme.

It had been fun to create a lot of artwork and logos. We have The District competing against The Capitol and every week we are eliminating competitors by playing different upfront games. It’s a great theme and a lot of the students are excited about it.

The theme has also given us the opportunity to discuss some of the deeper hungers we experience in life. We are all hungry at some point but, regardless of how much food we eat, we’ll eventually get hungry again. I ate a lot of food last week when Alycia and I were on vacation in Las Vegas. Even after gorging myself for three days, though, I eventually got hungry again.

In the Sermon on the Mount, though, Jesus says that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled.

So, according to Jesus, if our lives don’t feel very fulfilled or satisfied, it’s probably because we’re hungering for the wrong things.

We can hunger for more in this life than just food. We can hunger for money, power or pleasure. Just like we’ll always be left hungry with food, though, chasing after the things of this world will never truly satisfy us. We may feel full for a while but eventually that feeling will fade and we’ll be left wanting more.

But when we pursue after righteousness, we will be filled. When we hunger for God’s kingdom, Jesus promises that we will be satisfied. For as Paul writes, what we see in the world around us is temporary but what is unseen in God’s kingdom is eternal. If we chase after temporary things we’ll only find temporary satisfaction. But if we chase after eternal things we’ll find eternal satisfaction.

And that eternal satisfaction is even better than a $60 steak.

But I’d still be happy to eat the steak.

What d you hunger for?


3 comments on “#313 – Are You Hungry?”

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