#307 – Tim Tebowed


The clock has struck midnight on Tebow Time and the the face of that clock has been replaced by Manning’s.

Yesterday it was reported that Peyton Manning would sign with the Denver Broncos. Manning’s arrival in Denver undoubtedly signals Tim Tebow’s departure and the end to one of last year’s most exciting sports stories.

Tebow’s fourth quarter heroics and “never say die” attitude were infections. People all over the country jumped aboard the Tebow Train and road it all the way to the AFC Divisional playoffs. A lot of the excitement over Tebow came from the Evangelical Christian community. I, along with many of my brothers and sisters in Christ, embraced Tebow as our own and viewed each Bronco victory as a victory for our Lord himself.

So, now that Manning will sign with the Broncos and Tebow will most likely be traded, does that mean God has abandoned Tebow?

No. Of course not. Unless Tebow has committed Saul-like sins that have caused God to remove his Spirit.

Tim Tebow is like all the rest of us. Things happen in life and we’re not entirely sure why. I’m not sure why my grandpa’s wife was on death’s doorstep a few months ago but now she’s alive and on the mend. Tebow might not know why the Broncos are signing Manning but that doesn’t mean God isn’t still at work. Whatever our situation, whenever we’re confused and unsure about the future, we just need to trust that God is good and working the universe out for his purpose.

Romans 8:28 says:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

According to the equation of that verse, our responsibility is to love God. After that, God takes control and handles his business. We can’t get confused and think that we’re responsible for anything other than loving God and trusting that he’ll work things out according to his purpose for our ultimate good.

That’s true for us and it’s true for Tim Tebow. And hopefully the same grace we need to trust in that reality will fall upon Tebow as well.

How do continue loving God even when waiting to see his good plan unfold?


3 comments on “#307 – Tim Tebowed”

  1. Hey man, interesting post on Tebow. The funny part in the whole situation is that he has been pretty silent about all of this. I have not seen anything from him on twitter or in the news. My guess is that he is living out exactly what you are talking about. I mean, maybe he is not above all of this even though sometimes he seems like a super Christian, but I bet he is taking this all pretty well. From what I understand about tim tebow is that his faith has always come before anything else. I was able to read his book, through my eyes. It is amazing to see where that guy has come from and the family dynamics in which he grew up. Maybe I am just on the Tebow train, but I actually think that although he cares about his situation and his position in the NFL, is much more worried about his reputation as a believer in Christ. Just my thoughts.

    1. I agree. I don’t think he’s a super Christian but a Christian just like us, ones that want to love God as best we can. I imagine he’s disappointed but still just trusting that God will work everything out.

  2. Seeing as I live here in Denver it is kind of sad that Tebow is gone. I mean I’m not a huge fan of football but yeah!

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